Crocovile Swamp is a world in the Dragon Kingdom that only appeared in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. It is the home world of the Crocoviles. Spyro finds Blink the Mole who is the Professor's nephew.


Spyro and Sparx have now come to the swamp to find out more on Red. Here, the duo learn that Moneybags also runs his shop through remote pads, which also included a local teleportation device. They also meet Blink, the nephew of the Professor, who joins the party as a minigame character.

Spyro and Sparx soon meet Elder Magnus, who taught Spyro how to do the pole spin. After destroying all the Dark Gems and collecting enough Light Gems, the duo then left for Dragonfly Falls.


Egg Locations

  • Character Design: On an island in a hidden location, which can be accessed after destroying a Dark Gem at the Perilous Pyramid.
  • Blink: Complete Completely Swamped in Easy Mode
  • Blink: In a high tunnel, after learning Pole Spin
  • Turret: Complete Critter Calamity in Easy Mode
  • Turret: In a chest in the Forgotten Temple. Defeat the Gnorc that's guarding it, first.
  • Flame: Behind a breakable wall in Elder's Tree
  • Ember: In a chest behind a Crocovile with a Boomerang near the Perilous Pyramid.
  • Concept: Catch the thief in a hidden room in the Forgotten Temple. Requires Electric Breath.

Dark Gem Locations

  • Near the Perilous Pyramid.
  • Near the Elder's Tree
  • At the end of a tunnel, a Dark Gem will be shown blocking the way to Fredneck's outpost.

Light Gem Locations

  • In a chest in a tunnel, which can be accessed after destroying the first Dark Gem.
  • In the Forgotten Temple, there is a challenge that wins you a Light Gem. Making it to the end wins you it, but getting out is not easy.
  • In a hidden location in the tunnel that leads you to the swamp with Blink.
  • Complete Completely Swamped in Hard Mode
  • Complete Critter Calamity in Hard Mode
  • Use the cannon to blow up the top of the Perilous Pyramid.
  • In the swamp with Blink, you'll notice that some stumps tend to sometimes come out of the swamp. Follow them over to a piece of land and you'll find a cave with a Light Gem.
  • At the top of the Elder's Tree
  • On a ledge near the Perilous Pyramid. You need Fredneck to wake up some Lillies to reach it.
  • In a hidden room behind a metal door under the Perilous Pyramid. Requires 40 Light Gems


Blink: Completely Swamped

After you rescue Blink, you can play his mini-game. Winning Easy mode wins you a Dragon Egg, while winning Hard mode wins you a Light Gem.

Fredneck: Critter Calamity

There is a frog named Fredneck who's food has been eaten by the enemies. Like all other mini-games, winning Easy mode will win you a Dragon Egg, while you get a Light Gem for beating Hard mode.





Crocovile Swamp (Part 1) - Spyro: A Hero's Tail Crocovile Swamp (Part 2) - Spyro: A Hero's Tail
Spyro A Hero's Tail - Crocovill Swamp - Part 1

Spyro A Hero's Tail - Crocovill Swamp - Part 1

Spyro A Hero's Tail - Crocovill Swamp - Part 2

Spyro A Hero's Tail - Crocovill Swamp - Part 2

Crocovile Swamp (Part 3) - Spyro: A Hero's Tail


  • The fact that Blink is found in a cage might be a reference to Spyro: Year of the Dragon, where some characters (such as Sgt. Byrd and Bentley) have been captured and locked in cages, and only Spyro could save them. However, this time, you just have to press a switch on the ground to free the young mole.