Crocoviles are hostile, bipedal crocodiles that live in Crocovile Swamp and have been known to appear in Dragonfly Falls. They are either armed with a club to smash or use an explosive boomerang.

Possession of the Bone

The Crocoviles attack with the large dinosaur bone implanted in their tussle of hair which upon your approach is boomeranged and swung at you.

The Bone is part of the tribal design of the Crocoviles which all of the common alligator enemies of Crocovile Swamp possess.

Possession of a Boomerang

Crocoviles can also have boomerangs. They seem to explode when they hit Spyro. These Crocoviles seem much tougher because they can hit Spyro from much farther away. Also their shoulder plates appear to be a different color than the bone Crocoviles.


The Crocoviles of Crocovile Swamp are not like the Gnorcs and other recurring enemies of the Dragon Realms under the control of the fallen dragon, Red but rather territorial alligator natives of the swamp land realm which holds the peace plantation of Elder Magnus.

They also seem to control the Dragon Dogs that commonly resurface from the Crocovile Swamp's tunnels to attack.