“Big enemies like this Guh-norc with a club cannot be charged, but a quick flame, that should defeat them.”

Darius (ダリアス=グリフーチョ in Japanese) is an Artisans dragon who resides in Dark Hollow. He instructs Spyro on how to take down large enemies; not by charging, but by flaming. He is notable for being one of few to pronounce the "G" in "Gnorc".

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Darius is an actor, holding a rose, pen and writing board in his right hand and a dragon-skull with a lit candle on the forehead in his left. He also wears a blue scarf.



  • In the demo, Darius is just text and his dialogue is different: "Big enemies cannot be charged, but there are other ways to defeat them. Use your wits and don't forget your flame."
  • In the Reignited Trilogy, he no longer mispronounces the word "Gnorc".
  • His inspiration of being a poet must have come from William Shakespeare's Hamlet play, in particular, the famous scene where the titular character is seen holding the skull of Yorick in one hand, reciting "Alas poor Yorick...".
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