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“Why won't you fight back?!”
    —Dark Cynder

Dark Cynder is the dark counterpart of Cynder in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.


Dark Cynder shares the same character design as her regular form in Dawn of the Dragon. Her dark color scheme makes her look similar to Dark Spyro, but is black and grey instead, while being surrounded by a dark aura.


Apart from her loyalty to Malefor, Dark Cynder was shown to be ruthless, as she attacked Spyro mercilessly when he refused to fight back. In spite of her complete servitude to her master, deep in her heart, she still held onto her love for Spyro.


During Spyro and Cynder's confrontation with Malefor, he unlocked the darkness within Cynder when she became uncertain of her past actions brought up by the evil dragon. This transformed her into her dark form and brought Cynder back under The Dark Master's control. As Malefor taunted Spyro, Dark Cynder relentlessly attacked her former friend, who refused to fight back. She eventually cornered Spyro and demanded to know why he wouldn't fight back, to which he replied that losing her had left him nothing to fight for. Upon hearing Spyro's feelings for her, Dark Cynder ceased her attack and was able to return to her normal form with the help of her own love for Spyro.[1]

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  • None of Dark Cynder's abilities are shown, but she might have the same powers of Dark Spyro's or possessing her former dark abilities. However, it seems from hitting Spyro's wing, she has a form of nuclear hit which it produces purple energy once done.


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