Dark Hollow (ナイト スクエア 1-2 Night Square 1-2 in Japanese) is a realm which can be accessed via a portal in the Artisans Homeworld.


Dark Hollow is a mysterious and dreamy realm, set late at night under a starry, deep-colored sky with clouds on the horizon illuminated softly by a rising moon. It has some stone structures similar in appearance to Stone Hill. The realm is characterized by hopping, croaking frogs, grassy stone platforms, steps, and lanterns emitting a warm glow.

There is a checkered-floor tunnel hidden underground, which is patrolled by Gnorc Sentries. It leads to a round, stone room with platforms and a pool of murky, indigo water illuminated from beneath. The key to the Locked Chest from the central platform is in this room.




  • Alban - Found in the area where Spyro must fly from the central platform at the start of the level.
  • Oswin - Found down a cave with a key.
  • Darius - Found in the area with the vortex-portal.


Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 3 - Dark Hollow

Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 3 - Dark Hollow

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