The Dark Master-Allies War was an on-going war that took place during The Legend of Spyro series.


The Battle against the Dark Armies

When the Dark Master, Malefor, waged war against the Dragon race, he led an army of Apes all the while teaching them to harness the life force of the Dragons, the Spirit Gems. During the war, Malefor was defeated by the Ancestors and his spirit was imprisoned within his mountain fortress, the Mountain of Malefor, while his essence was imprisoned in Convexity.

Despite this setback, the Apes were still able to carry out Malefor's orders, continuing their war against the Dragons. The Apes, lead by the Ape King Gaul, would later attack the Dragon Temple, destroying all the dragon eggs there, but stole Cynder's as part of a plan to free Malefor from his prison.


Cynder was corrupted by Malefor's dark powers, forcing her to become his devoted servant. She took over as general of the Dark Armies, leading the Apes against the Dragons. Her strength and powerful abilities turned the tide of war, ensuring victory for the Apes. She succeeded in taking over the islands and capturing the three of the Guardians, but the last Guardian Ignitus escaped capture. During this time, much of the World was conquered by Cynder and her forces for Malefor.

Spyro's Intervention

The next purple dragon, Spyro, helped the Guardians to make the war seem winable, with them helping the young dragon wield his elemental powers. All or most of Cynder's territories were lost due to Spyro. Later, after Cynder's defeat, the Apes attacked the temple and badly damaged it. At this time, the Guardians realized The Night of Eternal Darkness was upon them. Ignitus instructed the Guardians to warn the other inhabitants of the Dark Master's return, and sent Spyro to look for the Chronicler.

The Dark Master's Return

When Malefor returned to the Realms, he cursed the Apes for not being truly loyal to him, turning them into skeletons as payment for their service. He then created a new army of Grublins and summoned Golems to aid him in his conquest over the world. Only two members of the resistance returned to fight against him. Malefor was doing so well, as his army managed to reach the Dragon City of Warfang three years after Spyro and Cynder's disappearance, but was pushed back by the timely arrival of the two young dragons.



  • Battles for the Islands
  • Atlawa Uprising


  • Dragon Temple Raid
  • Second attack on the Dragon Temple
  • Siege of Warfang