“And you brainless imbeciles better get your act together or you will find yourselves working in the mines, digging for Dark Gems for the rest of your miserable lives.”

The Dark Mine is a realm in the final homeworld known as Volcanic Isle in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. It is an underground mine with machinery, rocks, rubble, industrial areas and is patrolled by robotic gnorcs. It is deep underground, beneath the volcano, and it is where Red is turning the Gnorcs into robots. The mine is full of tricks, traps, and death zones. After the mine, there is a long mechanical tunnel to Red's Laboratory.


Egg Locations

  • Sparx: In the acid water tunnels. Requires 45 Light Gems
  • Blink: In a chest in the Hidden Depths
  • Blink: Complete Mined Out in Easy Mode
  • Turret: Under the footpath after taking the lift near Blink
  • Sgt. Byrd: Next to Moneybags' Shop Pad in the Miner's Drop

Dark Gem Locations

  • Three Robo-gnorcs are shooting at a platform containing a Dark Gem. Take them out first, then smash it.
  • Near the entrance to Red's Laboratory. Use the poles to reach it.

Light Gem Locations

  • In the acid water tunnels. Requires 45 Light Gems
  • In a chest near the Hidden Depths
  • On a high platform in the Hidden Depths
  • Complete Mined Out in Hard Mode
  • Next to a firework in the area with the dropping ledges.
  • In the last area, above Zoe. Use the poles to reach it.




  • Blink: Mined Out

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