Dead Mode is a form of glitch found in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. It can be done in several realms, including Evening Lake. To perform the glitch, the player must go to a realm with lava, or acid, or some sort of damaging liquid, and let Spyro hop up and down on it until he is about to die. Once Sparx is gone, the player must pause the game right when Spyro hits the lava, a signal he has died when the controller vibrates. Then, hit the "Exit Level" option.

If the player exits the portal underwater, and goes out of the water, they will perform a Swim in the Air glitch. If they exit the portal on dry ground, and enter the water, the game will act as if there is no water, and thus leaving a Game trap.


Dead Mode - Spyro: Year of the Dragon


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