“Thanks Spyro! I had the worst itch on the tip of my wing! Did you know that you can get your longest glides by pressing X at the very top of your jump?”

Devlin (デルビン=グリフーチョ Derubin in Japanese) is an Artisans dragon who appears in Town Square.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Devlin is a pâtissier[1], wearing both an apron and a toque. He is wielding a cake peel and carrying a cake saying "Thanks Spyro!", in his right hand on which he has an oven mitt. Additionally, he appears to be more heavy and deep voiced.



  • In the late demo, Devlin is just text.
  • In the original game, Devlin looks exactly like Argus, except his stomach-pattern.
  • Devlin's Reignited character design was created by Nicholas Kole.


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