This article is about the ability in the Skylanders series. You may be looking for the ability from the classic series or the Legend series.

As some of the Skylanders are Dragons, they have the ability to breathe different breath elements. Unique to this game, however, is the division of elements between dragons. Whereas in the previous two series, when Spyro controlled multiple elements, in Skylanders, he breaths fire exclusively, like in the first Spyro game. Other breaths are used by different dragons who are associate with different elements.



This breath has only been used by Spyro and Sunburn (so far). Its function is similar to the fire breath in The Legend of Spyro. That is, primarily for combat. The breath can be upgraded by leveling up both dragons. (Note: While characters such as Ignitor can use Fire, they are not dragons and don't breathe it, so it counts as a separate ability. Meaning that even a character like Eruptor, even with his Lava Barf Wow Pow and Magma Balls, wouldn't count.)


Magic is Spyro's element, though he is only shown using its abilities in the Webgame.


This has been used exclusively by Zap, who also wields water abilities, and Cynder. The electricity element can be upgraded by leveling up Zap and Cynder. Shadow Lightning is also usable by Dark Spyro in the 3DS Version.


Like electricity, this elemental breath is also used and manipulated by Zap. It seems to be his primary element, as Zap is a water-type character. It can be upgraded by leveling up Zap. (Note: While characters such as Gill Grunt can use water, they are not dragons and don't breathe it, so it counts as a separate ability).


Ice is another ability used exclusively by Zap, but only in the Webgame. He doesn't breathe it though.


Air is used exclusively by Whirlwind, it can be upgraded along with her. However, she doesn't 'breathe' air, but uses her horn and wings instead.


Shadow is an ability used by Cynder, as part of the Undead element. It involves dashing through the ground as a shadow and summoning Ghosts in her wake, but it isn't a breath attack.


This element is used by Bash and Flashwing. It mostly involves using the manipulation of the ground to overpower and scatter enemies. Bash doesn't breathe Earth directly, but he does manipulate the ground around him to create rock pillars or launch stones at enemies. Flashwing also doesn't breathe Earth directly, but instead fires it from her tail and wings, similar to Whirlwind.