Dragon Challenges are optional mini-challenges that are unlocked after beating story mode in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. By beating each challenge, you unlock the next one. Upon beating the last challenge, you will unlock Dark Spyro, a new form to use during any replay of story mode on the same save file.


Dragon Challenge One

For this first challenge, you'll be randomly switching elements. The enemies are all Apes of various sizes, going up in rank as they're defeated. All you need to do is make sure not to get into the middle of a load of enemies, keep away and watch your element so that you know exactly what you're attacking with. The apes, except for the Commanders, are vulnerable to every element's effects, meaning there isn't much harm in attacking as the elements change. After the soldiers are defeated, the leaders will be added. After the leaders come the Commanders, followed by Death Hounds are added right towards the end. Upon defeating them all, you accomplish this first challenge.

Dragon Challenge Two

This Challenges takes place in Fellmuth Arena and it has a time limit, so it should only take five minutes if you do it right. The enemies here are the Skavengers, as well as a Blundertail right at the end. You can use the edges to your advantage by knocking enemies off it, that along with the freedom to switch between breaths yourself should mean that you can complete this well within time.

Dragon Challenge Three

This one's challenge is simply to defeat all the enemies, there's no time limit nor are there any other restrictions. Set in the Well of Souls where you fought Gaul, you can again knock enemies over the side if you please. Enemies are the type you'd expect to find in the Mountain Fortress, soldiers, leaders (that can teleport for some reason), Death Hounds, invisible commanders, then finishing off with a few Shadow Wings at the end. They can be affected by an Electric Orb, even if they're nowhere near it.

Dragon Challenge Four

This challenge is set in Concurrent Skies. In this challenge, you can't use Dragon Time, leaving you to battle using your button pressing abilities. The arena is completely sealed in so there's no throwing off enemies over the edge either. The enemies here are the kind you found in Concurrent Skies, as well as a new Death Hound variant. We begin with soldiers, move on to leaders, followed quickly by Death Hounds and then Dreadwings, and finally Commanders with electric shockwave attacks.

Dragon Challenge Five

The fifth and final Dragon Challenge is just a kill all type affair. The arena is set in the Elemental Dragon's etheral arena, with gem clusters about the edges and four variant of Apes attacking all at once. You start with the soldier enemies, followed by the Leaders, and the Commanders. Upon completing this challenge, you will have the ability to unlock Dark Spyro.


  • For reasons unknown, the first, second and fifth challenges have Ignitus, the Manweersmalls and the Chronicler appear at the end respectively. They serve no purpose, and the third and fourth challenges end with the camera panning out of the arena with no one in it.