Dragon Eggs are eggs that hatch into dragons in The Legend of Spyro series.


The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Dragon eggs made a brief appearance in the prologue of The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. During the Year of the Dragon, a brood of eggs were kept at the Dragon Temple to protect them from the forces of the Dark Master. Among them was the egg of the next purple dragon, Spyro. It was then that the Dark Armies launched an attack on the Temple to destroy all of the eggs to prevent Spyro from being born. Ignitus rescued Spyro's egg and safely sent it down a stream, hoping for the best.

By the time Ignitus returned to the temple, the other Guardians were overpowered by the Apes, who proceeded to smash all of the other dragon eggs except for one: Cynder's egg. She was taken by the Ape King Gaul to be corrupted by the Dark Master, who required a dragon born from the Year of the Dragon to open a gateway to his prison in Convexity.

During the war, the Dragons' very existence depended on the dragon eggs as they had suffered through numerous temple raids, resulting in many eggs being smashed. Combined with the war's aftermath, Cynder was on the hunt, steadily purging the dragon race. As a result, dragons eggs were becoming rare.[1]


  • In The Legend of Spyro trilogy, dragon eggs can take decades to hatch, even longer if the time isn't right. They will incubate safely until a timely opportunity presents itself.[1]


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