Dragon Kata is an ancient style of martial art in Spyro: Shadow Legacy. It is the only technique used to defeat the creatures of the Shadow Realm. Elder Sensei teaches it to Spyro in order to free him, along with the other elders, from the Shadow Realm.

According to dialogue in Shadow Legacy, a Shadowstone is required in order to perform Dragon Kata. There are three types of Dragon Kata moves: Horn attacks, used for quick jabs, Tail attacks, used for greater strength and breaking armour, and Chi attacks, magical attacks that can break the shields of more powerful shadow enemies.

List of Dragon Kata Moves

  • Horn Jab: Spyro performs a quick forward jab with his horns (Press X)
  • Horn Slide: Spyro charges up until a sound is heard, then slides along the floor horns first, damaging multiple enemies (Hold X until sound is played, then release)
  • Horn Toss: Spyro uses his horns to flip an enemy over, causing it to take damage from gravity as well as the horns (Press X and Up)
  • Tail Hammer: Spyro performs a vertical downward spinning motion, striking enemies from above (Press A)
  • Tail Swipe: Spyro performs a quick horizontal spinning motion, knocking surrounding enemies backward with his tail (Press A twice quickly)
  • Tail Stab: Spyro quickly jabs the enemy immediately in front of him with his tail (Press A and Right)
  • Tail Thunder: Spyro performs a powerful vertical upward spinning motion, striking enemies from below with his tail (Press A and Down)
  • Chi Wings: Spyro focuses his Chi energy, channels it toward his wings, and swipes at enemies infront of him, releasing the energy and creating a very powerful attack (Hold X and A to gather Chi, then press Right)
  • Chi Punch: Spyro concentrates his Chi energy into a small yet long ranged energy ball fired in front of him (Hold X and A to gather Chi, then press Up)
  • Chi Roar: Spyro channels his Chi energy into a mighty Dragon roar, creating a powerful shockwave that effects all enemies in its radius (Hold X and A to gather Chi, then press Left)