This article is about the first homeworld in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. You may be looking for the primary home of the Dragons.

The Dragon Kingdom is the first homeworld in the game of Spyro: A Hero's Tail. There are three areas in the Dragon Kingdom: Dragon Village, Crocovile Swamp and Dragonfly Falls.


Dragon Village

A peaceful village in the hills inhabited by dragons. Spyro learns every thing he knows (except Dragon Elder tricks and breaths). Spyro meets Elder Tomas who teaches Spyro how to head dive so he can destroy the Dark Gems. Spyro must destroy the Dark Gem that has been planted next to Ember before he can advance to the next area.

Crocovile Swamp

A swamp infested with Crocoviles, Spiders, Jupiter Dragon Traps, caverns, stinky swamp, trees and old temples, which probably means it is popular with tourists. You reach it by going through a long cave from the top of Dragon Village. It lies north of Dragon Village. Spyro meets Elder Magnus who teaches Spyro how to Pole Spin. Spyro must meet Fredneck the Frog to get out of the swamp. Note: Next to the mist-covered hole which leads to Elder Magnus there is a cage which contains Blink the Mole. After visiting Elder Magnus, you must open the cage to spin up.

Dragonfly Falls

A tropical island with thick jungle, waterfalls, caverns, tropical plants, animals and statues of Dragon Elder related items. You reach it by using the Ball Gadget on the south side of the Dragon Village, which you need 8 Light Gems for. Despite its name, dragonflies aren't seen living there. Spyro goes to Dragonfly Falls, learns swimming and a few other skills, as well as learning about Secret Areas and how Sparx can help. Then he meets up with Hunter again, who shows Spyro his skills.

Once all ten Dark Gems are destroyed, you gain access to the Dragon Kingdom's boss, Gnasty Gnorc. He is located within Gnasty's Cave. Once defeated, Spyro has the power of Electric Breath.

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