The Dragon Masters, also known as Dragon Senseis, are a group of dragons that reside at the Dragonfly Dojo in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. They are responsible for training the young dragonflies to be dragon companions, and protecting them is a Dragon Master's highest calling. During Ripto's attack on the Dragonfly Dojo, the Riptocs froze all of the Dragon Masters in ice statues and Spyro was tasked by Zoe with freeing them.

List of Dragon Masters

Main Characters
Spyro the Dragon - Sparx the Dragonfly - Hunter the Cheetah
Bianca the Rabbit - Spirit - Zoe
Crush - Gulp
Non-Playable Characters
Alligator Farmers - Bartholomew - Bears - Dragons - Dragonflies - Moneybags - Monkey Monks
Dragon Masters - Rodtikiney - Pigs - Professors - Thieves - Yetis
Dragon Realms
Dragonfly Dojo - Crop Circle Country - Luau Island - Cloud 9 - Monkey Monastery
Honey Marsh - Thieves Den - Jurassic Jungle - Chateau Ripto
Dragonflies - Gems
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