Dragon Shores (Japanese: ドラゴンリリ゛ード Doragon Rilīdo, lit. Dragon Relead) is a vacation spot in the Dragon Realms in the original Spyro series. The realm consists of both a beach area and a theme park. The theme park's rides are operated by Showman Gnorcs.

In Spyro: Attack of the Rynocs, Dragon Shores is shown to be geographically connected to several other realms not inhabited by Dragons.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

Dragon Shores received the most focus in its debut appearance. At the start of this game, Spyro and Sparx attempted to go to the theme park, but their portal was intercepted by the Professor, Elora, and Hunter. The focus of the game is to defeat Ripto so that Spyro can go to the park for a vacation.

After Ripto was defeated, the Super Portal can take Spyro to Dragon Shores. However, to get into the park, the player must have 8,000 gems and 55 orbs. Once inside, there are various minigames which give Spyro tokens upon completion:

  • One game consists of a gnorc tossing softballs on the ground, which Spyro can pick up in his mouth. The game consists of Spyro using these unlimited softballs to hit the target, which will make a character (a yeti, an Earthshaper, or the Master Chef) sitting in the chamber fall into the water below.
  • Another is not a game but a short ride through a "tunnel of love." Spyro will hop onto a boat alone, then after 3-5 other boats past (all with 2-3 characters on them, comically unusual romantic pairs of Avalar residents), he will emerge from the other side paired with a partner of his own. 
  • The third game consists of three rounds of Spyro using a temporary super-flame power up to shoot targets. One round is simply flat-looking duck targets moving in circles, but the last two rounds contain enemies from the game. One resembles whack-a-mole, only with Scarlet Lizards. The other uses Water Workers.
  • The last game is a roller coaster that Spyro can ride along, similar to the trolley from Breeze Harbor. The first round consists of Spyro going through a linear path while avoiding obstacles and popping balloons. The other rounds add side paths and a cannon used to pop faraway balloons.

If the game is 100% completed (10,000 Gems and 64 Orbs), a gate will open to reveal a permanent superflame powerup.

Once all ten tokens have been collected, a theater is unlocked, where the game's cutscenes can be viewed. Once Spyro has visited this area, the cutscenes also become accessible in the Guidebook.

Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs

In this game, Dragon Shores acted as the central homeworld. Spyro and Sparx were teleported here by Ripto at the start of the game. This portion of Dragon Shores is a beach area connected to several other realms. The Dragons here give Spyro quests to locate missing dragon hatchlings and give them action figures to amuse them in exchange for the Heart of Dragon Shores.

Shadow Legacy

Dragon Shores was the starting point in Spyro: Shadow Legacy. This game showed off a previously unseen area containing a hotel, various tent-like houses, several dragon characters that are natives and tourists, and a large fountain statue of the Great Sea Dragon. The beach is inhabited by older, native dragons who express annoyance at the presence of tourists and contains a hotel run by Artigan.


As their vacation came to a close, Spyro's friends prepared to return home on Skipper's ship. After Bianca took one last look at the sea, she headed off to the ship, where she joined up with Hunter and Blink. After a final joke about school and magic, as well as Bianca's time with the Sorceress, the trio said their goodbyes to Spyro as they returned to their homes.

Artigan tried to cheer up Spyro, who was sad to see his friends leave for a whole year. Spyro then proceeded to sleep on the beach, when suddenly, dark clouds gathered over the realms. A dark lightning bolt nearly hit Spyro, waking him up. Soon, a wave of dark magic pushed everyone into the Shadow Realm. Spyro found himself confronted by some mysterious fiends, and was contacted by Elder Tomas via telepathy. The elder dragon guided Spyro to the portal outside the Dragon Village to the Dragon Dojo.

After rescuing the inhabitants from the Shadow Realm, Spyro was tasked with retrieving the missing talisman for the Sea Dragon fountain.


In one of the books read in the game, it is said in legend the Dragon Realms was discovered by the Great Sea Dragon, who swam from the ancient homeland with her babies on her back. Tired from the swim, she passed away on Dragon Shores, right where the fountain currently stands. The Great Sea Dragon wore the fountain talisman around her neck. The magic from this talisman powers the local fountain's jets.




Original Game

  • In Spyro: Year of the DragonBentley asked Spyro what he planned to do after defeating the Sorceress and suggested he take a vacation at Dragon Shores.
    • The portal to Dragon Shores does indeed also appear in the cutscenes. However it appears inactive.
  • Dragon Shores is the only level where the name of the homeworld actually appears on its exit portal.
  • When going to the shooting gallery for the first time, when choosing whether to play or not, "No" is intentionally misspelled as "Gno." This is a reference to how all Gnorc names are spelled with "Gn" instead of "N"
  • Dragon Shores is the only bonus world that does not require the player to reach 100% to access it. The player only needs 80% of the gems and about 86% of the orbs to unlock it. However, the player does need 100% to unlock the permanent Superflame.
  • The realm itself seems to be heavily based on the first installment, due to the fact it is hosted by Gnorcs, there are statues of both an Artisans Dragon and a Magic Crafters Dragon, its architecture is similar to Dream Weavers and has the exact same skyline as Dream Weavers as well.
    • Despite this, the portal leading to Dragon Shores is not located in the Dream Weavers homeworld, but instead from the unexplored Dragon Realms area seen in the second and third games. 
  • The portal back to the Dragon Realms is never shown. This portal was likely originally the one leading to Winter Tundra, but due to the Professor's efforts it was cut short.
  • This is the only bonus world with no gems.
  • The background on the portal back to Winter Tundra is different from the actual level.
  • The background in this realm is an edited version of the Dream Weavers' sky background from Spyro the Dragon.
  • If you beat Ripto's Rage! and enter the Superflame power-up at the end of Dragon Shores then save and quit and create a new save file, the new file will have Superflame at the start of the game.

Reignited Trilogy

  • In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, certain characters have special animations if Spyro ends up with them on the Tunnel of Love:
    • Greta motions for him to get off the ride with a karate chop.
    • One of the Fauns begins dancing.
    • The Colossus Yeti T-poses. This is assumed to be a glitch.
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