This article is about The starting area in Spyro: Shadow Legacy. You may be looking for the origin area in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! or the homeworld in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs.

Dragon Shores is the starting point in Spyro: Shadow Legacy. The area contains a hotel, various tent-like houses, several dragon characters that are natives and tourists, and a large fountain statue of the Great Sea Dragon. The beach is inhabited by older, native dragons who express annoyance at the presence of tourists and contains a hotel run by Artigan.


As their vacation came to a close, Spyro's friends prepared to return home on Skipper's ship. After Bianca took one last look at the sea, she headed off to the ship, where she joined up with Hunter and Blink. After a final joke about school and magic, as well as Bianca's time with the Sorceress, the trio said their goodbyes to Spyro as they returned to their homes.

Artigan tried to cheer up Spyro, who was sad to see his friends leave for a whole year. Spyro then proceeded to sleep on the beach, when suddenly, dark clouds gathered over the realms. A dark lightning bolt nearly hit Spyro, waking him up. Soon, a wave of dark magic pushed everyone into the Shadow Realm. Spyro found himself confronted by some mysterious fiends, and was contacted by Elder Tomas via telepathy. The elder dragon guided Spyro to the portal outside the Dragon Village to the Dragon Dojo.

After rescuing the inhabitants from the Shadow Realm, Spyro was tasked with retrieving the missing talisman for the Sea Dragon fountain.


In one of the books read in the game, it is said in legend the Dragon Realms was discovered by the Great Sea Dragon, who swam from the ancient homeland with her babies on her back. Tired from the swim, she passed away on Dragon Shores, right where the fountain currently stands. The Great Sea Dragon wore the fountain talisman around her neck. The magic from this talisman powers the local fountain's jets.



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