The Dragon Temple is an ancient structure within the Swamp where the Dragon elders train and take care of young dragons in The Legend of Spyro series. During the two first games, it serves as a refuge to the main characters, and its dojo is often used as a training ground for young heroes. Inside there is a room near the dojo where there is a pool of water known as the Pool of Visions, in which certain dragons, such as Ignitus, can see visions: the dreams, thoughts, and memories of others and to see what is happening in places far away.


The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

In the prologue of the game, the dragon eggs were kept in the temple's Grotto. After the war between The Dark Master's forces and the Dragons, the Dragon Temple was overtaken by Cynder's Ape forces. It was reclaimed when Spyro eventually drove the Apes out, accompanied by Ignitus and Sparx. The Temple served as a shelter and home to the Guardians, and eventually Spyro and Sparx.

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

The Dragon Temple appeared again as the current home for the Guardians, Spyro, and Sparx, and also a temporary shelter for Cynder before she left. The temple then came under attack by the Apes once again, and Spyro battled his way through the temple grounds to get back to the Guardians. After driving off the forces of the Ape King Gaul, the Dragon Temple was damaged during the surprise assault and wasn't seen again in the game after Ignitus sent Spyro off to the Ancient Grove where the Chronicler was supposedly hiding. Terrador and the other Guardians feared that the surprise attack launched by the Apes would be first of many and that they were no longer safe at the Temple. It is unknown what happened to the Dragon Temple after the events of The Eternal Night. It is presumed to have been abandoned after the attack, as the Guardians had since moved to the Dragon City of Warfang.


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  • A story mistranslation or error in dialogue in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon has Hunter of Avalar heavily imply that the temple Malefor took over was the Dragon Temple.[1] This isn't the case, as it was revealed via a game concept artist that Malefor actually tore a fraction of Warfang along with its city temple above the land.[2] However because of this error, fans believed that the Dragon Temple was made into Malefor's new stronghold and the surrounding land was the same region as the Swamp.
  • In the Dragon Dojo, a statue of a great dragon stands proudly in the center of the room, which was later revealed to be Malefor before his corruption. The statue can sink into the floor to allow the dojo to be more expansive for young dragons to train.
    • According to the art lead, Jared Pullen, the image of the Dragon Statue was a homage to general Dragon culture but more specifically a stately and regal representation of the last Purple Dragon before Spyro's time, who was an ancient hero. It was Jared's intention to have the statue foreshadow Spyro's future, and set down a clue as to what he may even look like in the coming decades. From the very outset he wanted to portray what a fully grown adult Purple Dragon would look like, how it might stand and carry itself, and Jared pitched the idea that the statue itself was actually a representation of the Dark Master before he renounced the path of good. This shows that the players had already caught a glimpse of the Dark Master right from the beginning, which Jared thought it was a very fitting and 'full circle' type thing to do.[3]
    • The statue of Malefor was intended to be crafted from gold, but the final look fell short due to technical constraints and the statue instead became stone. "The idea was to create the notion that the statue's 'stone' had somehow been bonded with precious metals, and wasn't merely stone at all, but rather something that could be forged and tempered using the elemental gifts of all four Dragon Guardians."[4]


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