“The purple dragon can wield many abilities that others cannot, including time itself. Learn to master this ability, and you would be able to see things almost before they happen. But... use this gift sparingly, only when circumstances demand. Manipulation of time is not to be done without the utmost care.”

Spyro using Dragon Time

Dragon Time is an ability given to Spyro by The Chronicler in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. It allows him to slow down time and also helps him defeat enemies by giving Spyro more time to attack. It is one of many abilities the purple dragon of prophecy can wield.


Dragons that harness the power of Dragon Time allows them to slow down time around them for a short while. This also affects the user, but they are slightly more quicker than other creatures affected by Dragon Time.

A Time-oriented Fury attack encases its user and those close to them in yellow crystal, locking them in suspended animation, frozen in time.


Spyro first discovered the Dragon Time ability in the first dreamscape The Chronicler summoned him to in order to regain the young dragon's Fire element, and eventually learned to use it. When the Well of Souls collapsed and trapped Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx inside, Spyro, in his most desperate moment, realized why he had been taught the ability of Dragon Time and why he had been summoned: to ride out the storm that was coming, and live to fight another day. He quickly ordered Cynder and Sparx to get close to him, and utilizing a Time Fury, Spyro trapped them and himself in a time crystal to protect them from the collapsing mountain.


  • The Chronicler taught the Dragon Time ability to Spyro for the sole purpose of allowing him to survive the collapse of the Mountain of Malefor.[1]
  • This is the only elemental ability where its powers are limited and not widely used.
  • Dragon Time is completely absent in the GameBoy Advance version of The Eternal Night. Instead, Spyro uses the Time Fury on his own after trying to get answers from the Chronicler.


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