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Dragonflies are a race of insects that live in the world of The Legend of Spyro trilogy. Unlike their original counterpart, they aren't chosen as a protection product for Dragons, they are much more intelligent, they speak fluently without any evidence of any kazoo noise and they are more human-like with the addition of hands. If we reference to Sparx, we can see that dragonflies in the Legend series do not change colour once hit.


Dragonflies live very much in family social clans for extended periods, usually near water, and are widespread in the world. These clans are usually fiercely independent and proud of their heritage, but often work together forming beneficial alliances to ensure survival in more harsher climates. The Dragonflies have a warrior caste to protect them from predators, but it is largely 'unexplored wilderness' where their society structure is concerned, so there aren't any hard and fast particulars set down.[1]

The Apes also capture Dragonflies to use them as lanterns when navigating through the Swamp, as evident when the Ape Leader who attacked Spyro trapped Sparx inside a small cage resembling a lantern.

Known Dragonflies

The Legend of Spyro 3D

According to the plot sypnosis of the cancelled film, the peaceful dragonflies played a role in keeping Spyro's egg safe when it was being hunted. As the dragonflies were very hard to find, Ignitus gave Spyro's egg to them to keep it safe, and they raised Spyro as one of their own. However, their village was attacked one day and Spyro was found in the process. After Spyro drove off the attackers away with his newfound abilities, the dragonflies told Spyro that he wasn't a dragonfly, but a dragon who carries the role of being part of a great prophecy that will bring peace to all the land.


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