This article is about the race from the classic series. You may be looking for the race from the Legend series or the Skylanders series.

Dragons are a race of magical creatures that inhabit the Dragon Realms appears throughout the original Spyro games, of which Spyro himself is a part of. These creatures play a major role throughout the series, usually by being threatened by villains, who Spyro must defeat.


The dragons are primarily based on the typical depiction from western folklore as large horned and winged reptiles. They come in a variety of colors, shapes in sizes. In the Spyro: A Hero's Tail and its sequel Shadow Legacy, only the adult dragons have been shown to have animalistic ears.

Young dragons such as Spyro, Flame and Ember are depicted as quadrupeds, while the adult dragons are bipeds. In the original Spyro the Dragon, all dragons are male. However in Spyro: Year of the Dragon, some of the dragon hatchlings are female. Adult female dragons first appeared in A Hero's Tail and Shadow Legacy, as well as Ember, a female dragon close to Spyro's age. A Dragon Elder named Cho Lei is also female.

In Shadow Legacy, the statue of the Great Sea Dragon in Dragon Shores depicts her as serpentlike, a trait not shared by any other Dragons in the original series.

In Year of the Dragon, two Chinese faux-dragons had been created by the Sorceress to wreck havoc in Fireworks Factory. They were long and thin, with their bodies separated by multiple joints including their heads.

In Shadow Legacy, the wizards of Wizard Peak had created the tiny, colorful Minidragons in honor of the Dragons, but were secretly a weapon against the fairies of Tree Tops.


As in most western mythology, Dragons are capable of flying and breathing fire (although in Shadow Legacy, Elder Tomas claims to have lost his fire breathing abilities due to old age). Dragons are also highly magical, so much that their absence causes the Forgotten Worlds to slowly lose its own magic. In Shadow Legacy, the wizards of Wizard Peak worship the Dragons due to their superior magical abilities.

Unlike in The Legend of Spyro and Skylanders series, Spyro seems to need outside aid to use other elemental breaths, such as magic from fairies or Bianca. In Shadow Legacy, Elder Astor is capable of training Spyro on using ice breath.

In Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, Dragons are shown to give dragonflies to their hatchlings, with the magic of dragonflies protecting them. However, Spyro and Sparx are the only pair of dragon-and-dragonfly ever shown together. 

In Spyro 2: Season of Flame, Dragons are said to gain their fire breath from the magic of fireflies, and without it, they naturally breathe ice. This fact is not reflected in other games.


A thousand years prior to the series, the Dragons lived and ruled over the Forgotten Worlds. Their magic was ingrained in the land, allowing the realms to flourish. However, the Sorceress banished the Dragons after having an argument with a Dragon Elder, causing all the magic in the Forgotten Worlds to gradually fade. 

According to a book in Shadow Legacy, the new Dragon Realms were founded by the Great Sea Dragon. Carrying her babies on her back, she swam across the ocean from the Forgotten Worlds and washed up on Dragon Shores, where she passed away from exhaustion. A statue was later erected in her honor. Another book in Shadow Legacy details how following their arrival in the Dragon Realms, the dragons built the Dragon Village using magic and advanced stonemasonry. The wisest dragons then formed the Dragon Elders, governing the other dragons from secluded hills.

The Dragons would later come into conflict with Gnasty Gnorc, who they banished from the Dragon Worlds to the Dragon Junkyards.


In the original trilogy, the Dragons are divided into five families, each inhabiting a different homeworld: Artisans, Peace Keepers, Magic Crafters, Beast Makers, and Dream Weavers. The Artisans focus on creating art, the Peace Keepers act as the military, the Magic Crafters focus on sorcery, the Beast Makers create new species of animals, and the Dream Weavers regulate the dreams of dragons.

Every twelve years, the Dragons celebrate the Year of the Dragon. During this festival, fairies deliver new dragon eggs to the Dragon Realms. These eggs will only hatch during this time. After birth, the baby dragons are given baby dragonflies, who both protect them and act as their companions.

In A Hero's Tail and Shadow Legacy, the Dragon Realms are governed by a group of Dragon Elders. These Elders live in the Dragon Dojo and use Shadowstones to cast powerful magic.

The Legend of Spyro series

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The Legend of Spyro trilogy focuses on the Dragon race, as well as showing their history and struggles during the war against the Dark Master.

Skylanders series

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Dragons serve as one of the many inhabitants of Skylands in the Skylanders series. Several of them are even Skylanders, the heroes of Skylands.



  • The dragons in A Hero's Tail have ears; a feature that younger dragons, like Spyro, Ember, and Flame, don't have.
    • In the Reignited Trilogy, which is a recreation of the original three games, some of the dragons were given ears; something they didn't have in the original installments.
  • The classic series had no adult female dragons (only female hatchlings that are seen during Year of the Dragon) up until Shadow Legacy, which introduced Cho-Lei.
  • In the Reignited Trilogy, the Dragons that Spyro save are redesigned with appearances and accessories that reflect the world they live in.
    • Artisans live peaceful lives as sculptors, painters, poets, musicians, actors, inventors and chefs.
    • Peace Keepers are hardened soldiers complete with weapons, armor, medals and battle-scars.
    • Magic Crafters are wizards possessing staves, potions, tomes, amulets, and other magical items.
    • Beast Makers resemble typical swamp-dwellers with items made from sticks, rocks and animal parts.
    • Dream Weavers are a sleepy bunch wearing pajamas and carrying around lanterns and dolls.
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