This article is about the race from the Legend series. You may be looking for the race from the classic series or the Skylanders series.

Dragons are one of the native inhabitants of the Dragon Realms in The Legend of Spyro series. The Dragons in the trilogy are completely quadraped, unlike the dragons from the original Spyro series.


Before Malefor's existence, the Dragons were proud and just, revered among the inhabitants of the Realms. They had an alliance with the Moles, and the Moles in turn made a city in dedication of their friendship. The Guardian Dragons created the Dragon Temple to raise and train young dragons. 

After Malefor turned to evil, the Guardians and their dragon warriors fought against Malefor's army of Apes while the other Dragons protected the dragon eggs that were their very survival. During the war, many of the Guardian Dragons lost their lives, leaving only four Guardians to remain. Numerous raids were inflicted on the Dragon race which resulted in many dragon eggs being smashed, endangering their existence. The most devastating raid was the one that took place at the Dragon Temple; the only eggs that survived the attack were Spyro and Cynder's.[1]

As a result of the war, and a corrupted Cynder devastating the realms under her rule, many dragons were killed.[1] It is presumed that the survivors had gone into hiding after losing the war. It was mentioned by Hunter of Avalar that Gaul had placed a bounty on all of the Dragons, including Spyro, when the Night of Eternal Darkness drew near. During the events of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, Dragon soldiers took part in battling against Malefor's Grublin army.


Dragons have different breaths that are based on the color of their scales or eyes[1]: Red for Fire, Yellow for Electricity, Blue for Ice, or Green for Earth. Ignitus has stated that after a dragon dies, they become a part of nature and with the elements (this may be how spirit gems are created).

  • The Purple Dragon, including Spyro, is a rare species of dragon that can master any element other dragons can't, and can even control time to a certain extent.
  • Cynder, having been corrupted by Malefor, is a black dragoness who controls abilities that are most uncommon: Shadow, Wind, Poison, and Fear.



  • Despite lacking opposable thumbs, the dragons are capable of holding and manipulating objects with their front paws. The Chronicler is able to scribe in more than one tome at once through the use of spititual magics, which includes levitation and object manipulation.[2]