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Dream Girls is the fourth episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


Stealth Elf is chosen to give a speech to the entire academy, but first she has to figure out why everyone is suddenly terrified of sheep.


S1E4 Various Skylanders Eon Dreamcatcher
The episode starts once again in the Academy's Training Islands, where Team Spyro is doing an obstacle course in view of Master Eon, Hex, Chill, Flashwing and the floating head Dreamcatcher. Though Stealth Elf's agility is complimented by Master Eon as she dodges spinning hazards and retractable walls, the others clumsily advance and are repeatedly stopped by the hazards, and are far behind when she arrives at the goal. Impressed by her performance, the Headmaster congratulates Stealth Elf and announces that she has been chosen for the next Skills, Elements and Defense Talk, in hopes that she would have something valuable to teach the other cadets; and though the elf ninja can barely respond in the middle of shortened breaths, he dismisses the class and leaves. Unknown to him, however, Dreamcatcher suddenly opens her real eyes under the painted ones, revealing that she slept through the entire class to no one but Hex, who is briefly surprised.

When the team is left alone, Spyro and Eruptor congratulate her on being chosen for the SED talk, though Jet-Vac expresses his disappointment in not being chosen despite his age. Pop Fizz dismisses his frustration, observing that a lot of previous Skylanders chosen wore prosthetics, and Jet-Vac muses about losing his tail to gain the honor, prompting Stealth Elf to respond that these heroes actually lost limbs in great battles, and she had no such experience. Before she can continue, however, Hugo appears behind some of the island's hazards being chased by a sheep, confusing Stealth Elf as his yelling was "louder than usual". Though the others don't share her concern, they note that his desperate yells at the sheep before running away have gotten more elaborate.

The next day, Stealth Elf is greeted by the rest of Team Spyro in the main classroom, while unloading her arsenal of throwing weapons at a target mounted at the blackboard, having stayed up all night planning her SED talk. Though the male Skylanders don't get the point of her target practice, Spyro and Eruptor are sure of her upcoming sucess at the talk, enough to have invited all of their acquaintances and even random people they don't actually know. Unaware of the elf's increasing anxiety, the group goes on about their compliments, confident enough that she will give a great performance in her once-in-a-lifetime chance. Before she can question them, however, a sheep wanders into the classroom, startling Spyro and Eruptor into hiding behind her. Though Stealth Elf is unfazed and leads the sheep away from them, Jet-Vac and Pop Fizz also show irrational fear near the animals, and despite their warnings to stay focused on her presentation, Stealth Elf is convinced that she needs to look further into the issue.

S1E4 Glumshanks Kaos
Elsewhere, at Kaos' Guest Castle, Glumshanks is in a phone call with an unknown character about a musical concert, until Kaos' assault on the tower's door has him end the conversation to talk with him. He reminds the sorcerer that Kaossandra locked the doors and ordered him not to leave, but Kaos' frustration over his attempt to get a job convinced him to look for a way out, even if his rant at Skylanders Academy revealed to the Skylanders that he is looking for the Core of Light and he is now being hunted down. The troll reminds him that the whole fortress had to move already several times so he alone could avoid capture, and Kaos retorts that being arrested is a better course of action than being holed up in the castle, as if grounded. When Glumshanks agrees with that notion, however, Kaos is angered enough to stuff his beaten Lizard Gizzard costume into the room's oven so the troll could eat it as punshment; and while the clothes were baked, he argues that being on the run means he is a legitimate threat to Skylands. Eating the outfit-cake against his will, Glumshanks calms his master down while he rants by saying that the Core wouldn't move in the meantime, though unknown to him it already has, and proposes to the sorcerer to rearrange his collection of figurines and wait until Kaossandra forgets about the issue, before monologuing under his breath that it would be enough to keep his master busy for the time being. Though Kaos nearly overhears his real intentions, Glumshanks backpedals into saying that he heard about that method on the Internet, and the sorcerer accepts the proposal.

S1E4 Roller Brawl
Stealth Elf starts her investigation at the Academy courtyard, carrying a sheep and seeing its visage scare cadets, Skylanders and staff alike into hiding. Using her phone to record her findings, she turns to random passerby to observe the reaction, and the nearby cadets run away quickly - with the exception of Dreamcatcher, who at first just stares back blankly before leaving. The elf continues her research at the main classroom, calling various characters to explain their fear of Sheep: though the cadet Roller Brawl and Spyro find odd reasons to explain their newfound phobia, Eruptor is still focused on the SED Talk, briefly scaring Stealth Elf herself with a large poster they made for her event. Her next question to Jet-Vac, Dreamcatcher and Pop Fizz is about the time they figured out their fear: Jet-Vac explains it was after waking up the previous day, while Dreamcatcher absentmindedly answers and insists to leave, and Pop Fizz ends up ignoring their answers and going back to the previous question about the scary parts of sheep. Stealth Elf thanks them, somewhat frustrated, and returns home to continue her investigation at night.

In her room, the elven ninja is arranging photos on her wall when Jet-Vac barges in, giving her another made-up proverb to use in the SED talk. Briefly scared by a sheep photo, he questions that she's busying herself with the investigation rather than her presentation, and she argues that the phobia must be caused by a villain, and any other ones could exploit that fear to defeat the Skylanders. However, the Sky Baron retorts that her priority is the SED talk and she isn't giving it enough attention, causing Stealth Elf to angrily reveal that, because she attended every previous one since she enrolled, she would rather focus on the investigation over sleepless nights as she doesn't feel like she deserves the honor of the presentation. Taken back by her yelling, Jet-Vac assures her it's not true, but the ninja reminds him that previous hosts ,such as Cobalt, Edwin and Sharon, had done great deeds and gained a title, while she had yet to do any great achievements. The professor understands that the goal of her investigation is to prove herself that she is capable, but also says that she should create less hurdles for herself, and Stealth Elf thanks him before he leaves.

Once again at Kaos' Guest Castle, the sorcerer had finished organizing his figurine collection, and satisfied with himself, begins explaining his latest plan to obtain the map to the Core of Light, involving sneaking into the Academy supply cargo. However, behind his back, Glumshanks scrambles the order of the figurines once again and called Kaos' attention to it, and while he checked the figures - talking to an unfamiliar sorceress's likeness - the troll drops his master's pile of comic books and questions him about it, relieved to draw his attention away from planning when Kaos decides to clean it up.

Later still in Stealth Elf's bedroom, she finally finished her wall of pictures and notes about her investigation, and continues to record her findings: the mysterious phobia started at the school dorms days before, and she is the only one unaffected. Suddenly, Spyro calls her at the door and leaves a plate of pancakes for her breakfast, aware that she is too busy to leave the room; when he explains that she stayed up all night and missed all of the previous day's meals, however, she finally puts the mystery together, and thanks Spyro for his observation. The dragon mistakes her thankful hug for a compliment about the pancakes, thinking he had discovered a trick to draw a smile on the food, but the ninja disproves his "technique" and closes the door again without time to explain. Returning to her photo board, she draws her attention to the newest cadet: the fourteen-year-old Dreamcatcher, who has incredible powers in the dream world, and most likely the culprit. Jumping on her bed, Stealth Elf prepares to challenge the floating head in her own dreams, and though she thinks her anxiety won't let her sleep quickly, the days without resting quickly catch up.

Stealth Elf VS Dreamcatcher
In the dream world, she arrives at a reconstruction of the Training Islands, where she finds a giant sheep. Though it attempts to threaten and mock her, Stealth Elf sees through the illusion and challenges Dreamcatcher, and the villain reveals herself. The ninja questions her actions, and the cadet explains that she revels in the freedom the dream world gives her to laugh at the results of her mischief, away from the real world where her parents and Master Eon are trying to reform her. When Stealth Elf threatens to stop her misdeeds, however, Dreamcatcher explains that she would rather keep her trapped in the dream world, where her power allows her to keep Stealth Elf asleep forever. Despite the attempts of the elf to start the fight regardless of the sheep-themed illusions and shapeshifting, however, Dreamcatcher uses no effort to dodge all attacks, manipulating the world to remove the floor, create walls and stop the Skylander's advance with various objects. Making time to even shapeshift her opponent into wearing a clown outift, the villain appears untouchable.
S1E4 Classroom Various Characters
In the real world, a large crowd is waiting for Stealth Elf's arrival at the main classroom for the SED talk, and despite the rest of Team Spyro's eagerness, she is nowhere to be seen, even after Master Eon arrives. With the wizard's proposal, Jet-Vac tries to entertain the guests in the meantime, but his made-up proverbs draw no attention. Then, Spyro takes his place once the Sky Baron gives up, but despite his eagerness to talk, he quickly falls into stage fright once he actually looks at the impatient crowd.

Once again at Kaos' Guest Castle, Glumshanks suddenly wakes up to see the entire room tidy, and Kaos assaulting the door with a large hammer. Despite the troll's questioning, Kaos is convinced that Kaossandra locked him in as a test, and his attempts to escape would lead to being arrested or destroying the Core of Light; gaining notoriety regardless of the outcome. Breaking down the door, Kaos steps out to the island's teleport pad, and though Glumshanks tries one last time to convince him to stay, he is thrown into the pad with sorcerer right behind him.

Back at the dream world, Stealth Elf starts to deflect pie projectiles while trying to convince Dreamcatcher to stop, but the villain ignores her over how fun it is to cause suffering for others. She stops throwing pies to turn them all into sheep, who start mocking Stealth Elf over the SED talk and quickly overwhelm her; and she momentarily gives up over the fact she might be avoiding embarassment. However, while Dreamcatcher laughs at the situation, the elf has a realization, causing the villain slight concern, and jumps over the nearby sheep. The Skylander explains that, despite Dreamcatcher's power, she can't possibly have complete control over someone else's mind, which would mean Stealth Elf still has control over the dreams and illusions - and to demonstrate, attacks the villain by transforming the sheep into katanas and attempting to subdue her. Dreamcatcher notices her manipulations no longer follow her idea entirely and tries to attack the elf with a rock, but she removes the projectile and traps the floating head inside a bubble. Unable to break out, she cries out that her power should make her unbeatable; and Stealth Elf retorts that she is only all-powerful as long as the ninja believed so. Ignoring her pleas, the girl forces herself to wake up, and finds Dreamcatcher inside her room in the real world; though the floating head attempts to pretend nothing has happened, Stealth Elf is having none of it and subdues her with a rope.

The pre-SED talk continues with Spyro finally breaking out of his stage fright to explain the origin of his name offscreen. Master Eon urges Spyro to find more things to talk about despite the bored crowd, and before he can start showing less than prideful abilities, Stealth Elf finally arrives from the sky with an anchored and shrouded Dreamcatcher. Sending Spyro off, she starts her presentation about the theme of "Hitting Your Mark". As she explains, though there are many objectives to work towards, her personal issue was proving herself to be capable of giving the SED talk, as she had yet to make a great achievement. But as she realized, the work towards a great battle is just as important as the training and the other various efforts put into becoming who one wants to be, and being aware of one's abilities is key to hitting that mark; as she ends, she finally shows the results of her target training by hitting apples at the right moment over various targets in the classroom.

With the crowd satisfied and the rest of her team proud, the elf finished by removing the cloth over Dreamcatcher, and explaining that while she caused the school's phobia of sheep, they have to be aware that they have power over their own dreams to keep her from taking advantage in the future. The villain is frustrated, but admits that Stealth Elf's SED talk was interesting, before begging for her to forget about her misdeeds and not tell her parents about it; to her misfortune the Skylander announces she's arrested, and as Master Eon is listening, he also expels her on the spot and announces he'll tell her parents about it.

To everyone's surprise, however, Kaos and Glumshanks arrive from the teleport pad on the center of the room at that very moment, and the troll begs for them to be arrested without a fight. Spyro, still as confused as everyone else, asks them what they were planning when teleporting in a classroom; Glumshanks keeps Kaos from talking and reveals he went there without thinking, before both are handcuffed. At the courtyard, the three villains are taken to the port, and while Jet-Vac and Stealth Elf discuss how much she's learned, Dreamcatcher responds with disgust at their niceness. The ninja snaps back at her by saying she is being sent with Cloudcracker Prison and no longer needs to be anywhere near them, and the floating head is happy to at least be far from "losers", and Kaos agrees with her while describing that they'll most likely become friends and do various activities. While he's still talking, Ka-Boom arrives with the Stealth Stinger and a cage, and Dreamcatcher, Kaos and Glumshanks are thrown in and taken away. Watching them leave and also leaving the port soon after, Stealth Elf wonders if anyone else on the team is craving pie.

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  • This is the first time Kaossandra's name is spoken.
  • Glumshanks is forced by Kaos to eat the Uncle Merle's Lizard Gizzard mascot outfit, which Kaos recieved and used in My Way or the Sky Way.
  • Kaos' room decoration hints the appearance of the Doom Raiders in the following episode, from the Golden Queen fanart and photos to the various figurines of the show's villains.

Errors & Mistakes

  • Three identical pictures of sheep and two identical pictures of Eruptor can be seen in Stealth Elf's wall.
  • Kaos' robe clips through stairs at several points.
  • Eon's robe floats above the steps to the classroom at the start of the SED talk.
  • This episode still follows the original episode order where Missing Links was near the end of the season, as seen when Kaos plans to infiltrate the Academy to get the map to the Core of Light rather than going to the location he already has.


  • Eruptor points out that Stealth Elf doesn't have pupils in her eyes.
  • Stealth Elf mentions three past Skylanders who have done SED talk before her that haven't made an appearance in the main series, these being Cobalt the Brave, Sharon the Victorious and Edwin the Meek At First but Eventually Brave and Victorious.
    • Other Skylanders also mention that other Skylanders that had given SED talks entered battles great enough to lose limbs or other body parts.
  • When Spyro explained how he got his name, he said "he never heard from "Gyra" again". This is probably a reference to the jazz band, Spyro Gyra.
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