Dream Weavers (ドリーム ガーデン ホーム Dream Garden Home in Japanese) is the fifth Homeworld in Spyro the Dragon and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy remaster of the first game. Beautiful, floating platforms and castles make up this world, so Gliding is a useful move here. The Dragons of this world believe that dreams can become real, a theme that is obviously shown in each realm. The player must free at least 50 dragons to access this homeworld.

World Description

This core world is home to the elusive Dream Weavers, the creators of dreams, and sworn enemies of nightmares. Living atop a series of floating islands high above the clouds, the Dream Weavers have built elaborate castles and temples on the grassy knolls, as well as crystallized structures for resting, playing, and practicing their arts. Many pools of water confusingly fall up instead of down, swirling in a circle where they collect. The sky is a plethora of colors, constantly changing with the clouds as they pass by. Sparkling funnels of air carry passengers to each island safely but watch out for the Fools.


The Dream Weavers are peacekeepers of the night. From their island in the clouds, they fit through the dreams of other creatures of the world, making sure no nightmares bother dragons while they're asleep. Anyone who has bad dreams at night can call on these Dragons for help.[1]

The leader of the Dream Weaver dragons is Lateef, as he is the first and nearest dragon to be freed when Spyro enters the homeworld and welcomes his arrival, as well as gives him advice on dealing with Gnasty Gnorc's minions in Dream Weavers.





Each homeworld has specifically designed portals. The portals in this realm seem to be made of crystal and are made into an arch shape with three points at the top.


Spyro the Dragon 120% walkthrough - 25 - Dream Weavers Home World

Spyro the Dragon 120% walkthrough - 25 - Dream Weavers Home World

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  • This homeworld bears a slight resemblance to the level in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, the Floating Islands, and may have inspired it, as well.
  • If the Carrot-Topped Monk operating the Shrink/Enlarge ray is dealt with, Spyro can use the machine to shrink down any large enemy monks that block his path to other areas.
  • This is the final homeworld in Spyro the Dragon and the original Spyro trilogy to have enemies.
  • In the late demo, Dream Weavers has Stone Hill's music, have a few secret gems, the waterfall is frozen in time, a few enemies make no sound effect, and a lot of it, especially the Size Ray, is differently textured. The ray also works the same way as cannons.


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