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The Drow are an antagonistic subspecies of bluish-green elves in the Skylanders series. They are evil elves who have turned away from the light and embraced The Darkness. Despite their allegiance to Kaos, like all elves, the Drow retain a love for nature.[1]


It was said that the Drow mentioned that they claim to have invented the hot air balloon, but it was really a Chompy that invented the idea.


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

The Drow first appeared in Perilous Pastures guarding the path to the gate where they imprisoned Cali. The Drow later appeared in Sky Schooner Docks and Stormy Stronghold, where they tried to harness the power of the Eternal Air Source. In Treetop Terrace, the Drow were holding the Life Seeds for themselves.

Darker versions of the Drow are summoned by Kaos as his minions, notable for being completely red and having white eyes instead of their normal counterpart's coloration.

List of Drows


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