Dry Canyon (ドライ キャニオン 2-1 Dry Canyon 2-1 in Japanese) is a realm in the Peace Keepers Homeworld. As the name suggests, it is a desolate canyon, filled with cacti, tar pits, vultures and gnorcs. Dry Canyon also contains several fortress-type structures made of stone throughout, and a mine tunnel. It has lots of challenging glides for Spyro.


Dry Canyon is nothing but a maze of rock and earth inside the depths of a large canyon. Tar pits stream about the area, and while it doesn't look too inviting, the water is indeed undrinkable. Many cliffs and jutting peaks along the sides of the canyon offer some great gliding take-off points, as well as some towers and stone pathways spanning the abyss that edges one side of the canyon wall. Many stone huts and buildings here harbor the veterans of the Peace Keeper army, even some of the retired ones. The elders here are kind, however they tend to start stories about when they were young, and almost never shut up until they doze off.





Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 8 - Dry Canyon

Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 8 - Dry Canyon

By ZephyGameGuides



  • Dry Canyon is one of only four worlds in the series to keep its original name in the Japanese version, the other three being Cliff Town, Wizard Peak, and Magma Cone.
  • The technical glitch in rescuing Boris is when you see Spyro not present whilst talking to the dragon describing he was born to glide. This results in losing a life. If you attempt this with no lives, you'll see a "Game Over" screen, and then start over from the beginning of the Peace Keepers Homeworld with four lives.
  • Conan delivers exactly the same message as Thor when freed.
  • In the late demo, Dry Canyon uses Alpine Ridge's track.
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