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This article is about the element in the Skylanders series. You may be looking for the element in the Legend series or our world in the Skylanders series.

Earth is one of the eight elements in the Skylanders series.


Skylanders associated with the element of Earth manipulate the soil and the earth itself against their enemies. The color for this element is brown. Skylanders of the Earth Element are stronger against Tech, but are weak against Air Skylanders in the Battle Arena.

All Earth Skylanders can destroy rock formations with their attacks, and Prism Break, Flashwing, and Crusher can destroy Purple Tzo Crystals as well. After opening an Earth Gate, they move nearby floating rocks together to form a bridge.

In their toy form, Earth-based Skylanders stand on a brown pedestal with crystals protuding from the sides.

Earth related Characters





  • This is the only element to contain two Dragon Skylanders.
  • This and the Magic element are currently the only elements to contain a legendary dragon.
  • This is the only element to not have any Skylander with human-like facial features.
  • This is the only element to not have any starter pack Skylanders (although Bash and Terrafin were in the Mega Pack).
  • As of now, the Air and the Earth elements are the only elements without a Lost Islands exclusive Skylander.
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