Earthshapers are creatures made of stone. They can be found in Fracture Hills and Magma Cone in Avalar, and in Haunted Tomb in the Forgotten Worlds. Earthshapers can shape the ground to make a lot of mischief.

Appearances and Abilities

Earthshapers vary in size; the smaller ones are easy to kill while the large ones need special ways to eliminate them.

The Earthshapers in Haunted Tomb are actually Mummy Earthshapers and can only be killed by their own weapons which are the hot exploding rocks that they throw at their enemies.


Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

The Earthshapers in Fracture Hills were annoyed by the Satyr's bagpipe music, and in response, they encased them in stone, which made the Satyrs unable to move, and the female fauns were imprisoned in their houses. Also when the Alchemist tries to deliver the potion back to Hunter, these monsters will try to smash the potion. After Spyro leaves the world with the Talisman, the epilogue is shown with the Satyr's playing their music once more, with the Earthshapers, trying hard not to listen. In the end, however, one of the Earthshaper's eyes are turned to green, and he began dancing to the Satyr's music, which has calmed him.

In Magma Cone, the Earthshapers have taken over the area. With Spyro's help, the Fauns were able to destroy these beasts and resume their party.

In the epilogue of the original game, the Earthshapers in Fracture Hills joined the Faun dance troupe.

Strategy in Fracture Hills

Some of the Earthshapers in Fracture Hills can only be defeated by charging them into the lava. Approach them with caution, as their pick axe attack speed varies, especially when dealing with more than one. Try jumping away briefly, then charging as they recover from striking the ground. In the area where the Alchemist and Hunter is, there are seven Earthshapers and there are no nearby lava pools anywhere. Only way to defeat them for good is to first escort the Alchemist safely to Hunter so that the cheetah can be free. Then after he is freed and Spyro has the headbash, they work together to defeat the Earthshapers. Hunter shoots at them with his bow and arrows while Spyro headbashes them to pieces after they fall down.

After the end of the game, the Earthshapers can easily be blown to pieces by the superflame.


  • When Earthshapers fall onto their backs, they make a scream identical to Doctor Shemp's.
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