Elder Wizards[1] can be found in Alpine Ridge, High Caves and Wizard Peak in Spyro the Dragon. They are closely related to the Green Wizards, only they are much older and larger and can be distinguished by their long white beards and blue clothing.

There may be some rivalry in the wizard community. In Alpine Ridge, the Elder Wizards and Green Druids will fight one another, however, they will not kill each other. The Druid will raise himself up on a rock when the Elder Wizard shoots his magic bolts at him, and the Druid will occasionally use his powers of earth manipulation to knock the Blue Wizard over.

In High Caves, the Elder Wizards and the Tornado Wizards will duke it out, each one firing their own type of projectile at the other. The Tornado Wizards' tornadoes seemed to affect the Blue Wizards more than the Blue Wizards' magic bolts do on the Tornado Wizards.

Lastly, in Wizard Peak, the Ice Gnorcs summoned by these wizards will kill Armored Druids if they get too close.


They can attack Spyro by creating and firing a beam of magical energy at him. Some Elder Wizards in Wizard Peak, use their magic to create large, club wielding Ice Gnorcs, then watch from afar as the Ice Gnorc attacks Spyro.

The Elder Wizards are much too large to be defeated by a charge attack and must be flamed. In addition, a Supercharge can defeat these enemies, as demonstrated in Wizard Peak.

Other Appearances

In Spyro: Shadow Legacy, an Elder Wizard, Panthanitis, is the leader of the Wizards in Wizard Peak. Unlike their Spyro the Dragon game counterparts, these Wizards are allies and friends to the Dragons, even praising them as highly beings.


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