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“Surrender to its erratic nature. Allow its energy to charge through your body and anticipate its movement... then unleash it...willingly.”
    —The Chronicler

Electricity is one of Spyro's four main elemental attacks in The Legend of Spyro series. Volteer is the Dragon Guardian of Electricity.


To master the element of Electricity, a Dragon would need to be clever and quick witted. Charged ionic forces displaced at speed are channeled from the air, redirected over muscle, bone, sinew and scale; and thus resisted with arts of wit and will, project forth this phenomenal force of nature, either through exhalation or motion of the body. Nerves of steel and an exquisite sense of timing are essential here, lest a Dragon fail to properly redirect and release the potent energies surging through their body. Sheer speed of thought to regulate this instantaneous process allows a well trained Electricity Dragon to channel and produce powerful torrents of electricity. For this reason, Electricity Dragons are often possessed of higher cognitive function, with a 'silver tongue' to articulate thought at high speed. Such power though makes them prone to high-flown language, of which Volteer is a true example. A deep knowledge of the sky also assists to bolster understanding of this primal elemental power.

It is not beyond reason that an Electricity Dragon in full possession of its wits and intellect could exercise mastery of this element in unexpected ways. The quick thinker could perhaps ionise the extremities of its' body, charging horns, claws, tail and wingtips to create and project a static-electric manifestation. Similarly this charge could be projected onto inanimate objects, provided they could carry a current, thus creating a deadly and cunning trap for unwary foes. Electricity is most definitely the thinking Dragon's' weapon of choice.[1]


The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Electricity is one of the four elements Spyro learns to help fight his enemies. The young dragon learned to use the Electricity element on Dante's Freezer when he was struck by the enemy's electricity stream and later learned to utilize the element with the help of the Electric Guardian, Volteer. It can be used to shock enemies and throw them around (even off edges) with Spyro's Electric Stream, and also to suspend them in a makeshift electric cage in midair to help with using air attacks. This tactic is called Electric Arc.

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

Spyro learns electricity as he flies away from the Pirate Fleet to the White Isle. Sparx manages to get a "creepy little turtle-monster," or Leviathan, to bring them to White Isle while Spyro is still unconscious. The Electric Orb can be used to blast enemies into the air. Spyro can also launch enemies into the air by creating a small electric twister that surrounds him and running into enemies.

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Electricity is used to shock enemies and allow Spyro to create an orb around himself while simultaneously shocking enemies and sending out electric pulses.



  • Previous dragons who mastered Electricity are mentioned in the final upgrades in A New Beginning and The Eternal Night, named Icklemar, Penagar, Angtor and Zygoren.
  • Electric attacks in both A New Beginning and The Eternal Night's console versions leave yellowish lines on the ground. Unlike the effects from other elements, they do not appear to be leftovers from the magic attack, instead acting as if the breath singed the ground like a laser.


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