“Watch out Spyro, the gnorcs in these bogs have discovered the power of electricity, and it really stings.”

Electro Gnorcs[1] are enemies found in Beast Makers homeworld and Terrace Village realm of Spyro the Dragon. They don't attack Spyro, instead, they use their shocksticks to electrocute an metallic plane around them. Spyro must defeat them before they get chance to electrocute the plane while he's in it. They can be defeated by either being charged or flamed.



  • They appear to be listening to music on a Walkman.
    • In Reignited Trilogy they are wearing headphones (this is to make them appeal to modern day (21st century).
  • In Spyro 3, in the level Desert Ruins, the Firebreathers use a similar system of attack/actions except with magma heat instead of electricity.


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