Elemental Dreams are the areas that Spyro goes to when the Chronicler calls him to regain his elemental powers. In the first elemental dream he goes to, Spyro learns how to wield the ability of Dragon Time and regained his Fire ability. The second helps him to regain his Ice ability, the third Earth, and the fourth and last one, Electricity.

When the Chronicler summons him, wherever Spyro is standing, he will collapse and pass out, sometimes at the wrong place at the wrong time.


Spyro entered his first elemental dream when he collapsed outside of the Dragon Temple shortly after speaking with Cynder. The second time was when he collapsed in the Ancient Grove just after seeing a bunch of Skavengers walk by, and Sparx had to lead them away in order to protect him. The third time was after Spyro defeated the Blundertails, and the final time was when he was flying away from the Pirate Fleet to the White Isle. This action proved dangerous, as Spyro would've drowned had it not been for the Leviathan rising from the depths of the ocean to the surface, saving the purple dragon.


  • The Elemental Dream's environment resembles the Celestial Caves and White Isle.
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