The Empire of Ice is an Adventure Pack level in in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, available only in the Empire of Ice Adventure Pack. Slam Bam comes with this Adventure pack.


According to a Story Scroll, stories are still built around the greatest catapult ever built: The Leveler, which has defended the warm valley of Vindlevale for centuries. Without the Leveler, there is little chance that Vindlevale could defend itself against the cold loving armies of the Ice Ogres and Snowclops that dwell nearby.


Haldor, the Great Northern Wizard, sought the Skylander to help him save his village of Vindlevale from the Ice Ogres, who have turned the village into an icy wasteland by blocking out the sun using a giant wall they built. Once at Vindlevale, Haldor explained to the Skylander about the Ice Ogres ruling over his village and turning it into a frozen wasteland. He tasked the Skylander to collect parts to The Leveler, a catapult that will be used to destroy the giant wall that keeps the village in eternal winter. Once The Leveler has been assembled, the Skylander used the catapult to destroy the giant wall, saving Vindlevale from the endless winter and returning the warm sun to the area.


The Frozen Wastes

Undead Skylanders are stronger in this area.

Maze of Obelisks

Undead Skylanders are stronger in this area.

Altar of Eyes

The Sunken Garden

Water Skylanders are stronger in this zone.

The Pits

Water Skylanders are stronger in this area.

The Winter Wall

Undead Skylanders are stronger in this zone.

Winterwatch Keep (3DS Level)


A round arena with the ever present hazard of the large rotating blade of the center of the field.

Toy Figure Items

The adventure pack comes with three toy figure items. To use an item, simply place it on the Portal of Power in the same way you would a Skylander. Only one item can be active at the same time.

  • Ice Cave
When used in the Ruins, the cave grants acces to the Empire of Ice chapter.
When used during a chapter, it will make icicles descend and then deal 999 damage to all enemies on screen with one use per chapter.
  • Anvil Rain
"A rain of anvils to batter your foes."
The use of this item causes anvils to rain from the sky for a limited amount of time.
  • Sky-Iron Shield
"Whirling metal shields give you some protection from damage."
Using this item will temporarily increase the Skylander's armor of your Skylander.

  • Ice Cave
When used in the Sanctuary, the gate that leads to the Empire of Ice is opened.
  • Anvil Rain
The use of this item is unknown at this time.
  • Sky-Iron Shield
The use of this item is unknown at this time.

When used, the items are added to the collection. Apart from unlocking a 200 gold reward trophy, they don't do anything special.



  • The Sky-Iron Shield resembles Link's shield from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Empire of Ice and Dragon's Peak are the only adventure packs that don't have their toy forms as entrances to their respective levels.
  • In the console version, you can not get to the level unless you have a Water Skylander or a Skylander who has the ability to fly or go on water - unless you select the level from the Chapter Select menu of the pause menu.
  • In the console version, the Enemy Goal is set higher than the number of actual enemies in the stage, requiring the use of a Skylander that can increase this total, such as Sonic Boom's Hatchlings.

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