This article is about the level that was scrapped in original series. You may be looking for the one in the Legend of Spyro series.

Enchanted Forest was a scrapped level in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. It was to be inhabited by Scottish porcupines wearing tartans, and was designed as a mid-game level of walkways and platforms between massive redwood trees high above the forest floor.[1]

The level is referenced in code within the game but never made its way to the final version of the game. Dialogue scripts exist for the main portion of the level, but none for the minigames. It is believed the unused tracks for the game were supposed to be used for this level and its minigames. There was to be 10 dragonflies in this level, with the code featuring 10 unused dragonfly names. In the instruction manual for the game, a picture is featured of the castle doors in the Dragon Realms replaced with a portal; it is believed the portal was to this level.



  • The early names for the level were Pine Fresh Forest and Emerald Forest.
  • If the level had been completed, it would have given the game a total of 100 dragonflies.


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