Enchanted Towers is a realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It can be accessed in the Midday Gardens homeworld after hitting a target above its entrance with a lava rock supplied by Hunter, or by using the superflame power-up on it.

The Sorceress forced the locals in Enchanted Towers to build a giant statue of herself. When it was finished, she complained that it was too ugly. Spyro later arrived and worked his way through the towers to light up rockets and blow up the ugly statue.


This realm is located at quite a high altitude, with its main attraction being the many tall towers constructed by the Purple Villagers. Their exceptional architectural talent is seen everywhere; such examples being the beautiful designs of the towers and their skate park - one of the biggest in the Forgotten Realms. They take a lot of pride in their craftsmanship, even if the result is not very pleasing to others, such as the Sorceress, whom had ordered them to build a statue of her.

Elsewhere, the towers also contain various rooms used to store treasure (as well as the occasional lava toad), and they were built high up in order to prevent anyone from easily going near them. Don't look down from these rooms, however, because falling off from them without being careful will only cause a long plummet to death that may seem like an eternity.

Although the views may be admiring, one will have to watch out for Flying Geckos - big, monstrous creatures who fly around the realm and like to spit fire at intruders. Indeed, they may seem intimidating, but can easily be taken care of with lava rocks found near small lava pools throughout.

Overall, Enchanted Towers is a great place for anyone not afraid of heights that admires getting a great view of everything around them.



  • Destroy the Sorceress Statue (Peanut): Help the locals blow up that eyesore statue by flaming all the rockets.
  • Glide to the Small Island (Gladys): Found on one of the giant floating towers.
  • Trick Skater I (Caroline): Remember that awesome skateboard course from Sunny Villa? This one's even bigger and better! Hunter dares you to do all of the skateboard tricks he tells you. So practice up, do all of the tricks and he'll give you an Egg.
  • Trick Skater II (Alex): Hunter's not impressed, and challenges you to a skateboard free-for-all style competition for points! So hop on a skateboard, take off and show this person!
  • Rescue the Lost Wolf (Lys): Mowat has lost his pet wolf Farley down a hole. Hop down the hole and guide Farley to his master by picking up his toy ball in your mouth and spitting it forward so Farley will follow it. Repeat this until you bring Farley back to Mowat (and flame any Rhynocs in the way).
  • Collect the Bones (Ralph): You need Sgt. Byrd for this one. As Sgt. James Byrd, fly to one of the towers where our old friends Ooga and Mr. Bones from Ripto's Rage are waiting. Turns out Mr. Bones has lost his bones again, and it's up to you to fly around and get all of them back from the Lava Toads in the towers.

Skill Point

  • Skateboard Course Record II: After collecting both Trick Skater eggs, freestyle and beat the course record of 10,000 points to earn a skill point.





Enchanted Towers (Part 1) - Spyro: Year of the Dragon Enchanted Towers (Part 2) - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
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  • Enchanted Towers is the only pre-Skylanders realm where more than one character can be controlled freely, as Sgt. Byrd can also be played around the realm (but can not enter the other sub-levels).

Original Game

  • This realm shares its theme with Sgt. Byrd's Base, but when you enter the sub-levels in all versions of the game except the Greatest Hits version, the music changes to that of Desert Ruins. In the Greatest Hits version, the sub-levels get their own theme (which is an extended version of the music heard in the demos).
  • The skybox in this realm is an edited version of the one from Sunny Flight. The main difference is the presence of a planet with rings and satellites in the sky.
  • The sounds of the rockets hitting the statue are extremely loud and distorted, and it is therefore advised to turn down the volume when doing this. This is likely an audio glitch.
  • Enchanted Towers was long-rumored to have a "secret portal" within the skating area. Using the "Squid Skater" cheat, it was said that if the player jumped off a grassy ledge near the area of the exit portal and got to the top of the area's highest tower, that a secret portal would be there. This is a difficult task to accomplish, since most attempts to perform this will result in Spyro falling to his death. The claim was, of course, proven to be fake.

Reignited Trilogy

  • The theme of this realm has been changed in the Reignited version of the game. It is still the same general theme of Sgt. Byrd, but now with a more "mystical" feel to the instrumentation. The familiar trumpets of Sgt. Byrd's theme have also been excluded, except when the player speaks to him in order to swap between him and Spyro.
  • The Purple Villagers have been redesigned to resemble the stereotypical "Hipster", a person (usually with an artistic mindset) who believes that old and "retro" things are more appealing than more modern items.
  • The launch pad which appears during Hunter's tutorial does not disappear again like in the original game.
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