This is a list of enemies from the third Spyro the Dragon video game.

Sunrise Spring

Sunny Villa

Cloud Spires

Sheila's Alp

Molten Crater

Seashell Shore

Buzz's Dungeon

Crawdad Farm

Midday Gardens

Sgt. Byrd's Base

  • Plant-Throwing Rhynocs
  • Plumbing Rhynocs
  • Winged Rhynocs
  • Moles

Enchanted Towers

Spooky Swamp

Icy Peak

Bamboo Terrace

Spike's Arena

Spider Town

Evening Lake

Bentley's Outpost

  • Torch Rhynocs
  • Seal

Frozen Altars

Lost Fleet

Fireworks Factory

Common Variety

Minigame Bosses

Charmed Ridge

Common Variety

Minigame Enemies

Scorch's Pit

Starfish Reef

Midnight Mountain

Agent 9's Lab

Crystal Islands

Haunted Tomb

Desert Ruins

Dino Mines

Bugbot Factory

Sorceress's Lair

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