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The Faunus Mortas: Extinct Creatures of Avalar was a book written by the Avalarian human Basil the Explorer in which he wrote about the pre-historic long-extinct creatures that used to inhabit the realms of his world.

This book was included in the epilogues that can be viewed after the main storyline of Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!


  • Guardus Fioritum - A beige skinned muscular enemy wearing a turban and white shorts, tattoos, and brandishing a scimitar. Used to reside in Scorch.
  • Catabatus - A pink cat-like enemy with green eyes, and long purple ears/wings with yellow streaks on them. Used to reside in Skelos Badlands until they evolved into Catbats.
  • Farmae Robotum - A robot enemy wielding a shovel. Used to reside in Robotica Farms.
  • Druidus Schnikum - A druid-like enemy with white skin and a purple robe, it also appears to be holding some kind of scepter. Used to reside in Fracture Hills.
  • Varmintum - A rodent-like enemy hiding inside a trashcan. Its signature attack is throwing garbage. Used to reside in Metropolis.
  • Lizardum Fat Slobae - A large light-green lizard with big dopey brown eyes and wielding a large club. Used to reside in Glimmer until they evolved into the Brown Lizards. They were big dumb lizards using a club as their mean of attack.
  • Mister Fistus - A light green devil/troll-like enemy with a giant fist which appears to be made out of stone. Used to reside in Fracture Hills and Magma Cone until they evolved into Earthshapers.
  • Armapillow - An angry blue armadillo-like pillow-creature with a pink belly as well as a pink horn. Used to reside in Mystic Marsh.
  • Nervous Tickus - A green nervous looking fly enemy with what appears to be purple wings. Used to reside in Crystal Glacier until they went extinct due to being eaten by Draclets. They were related to Flying Geckos from Enchanted Towers (Spyro: Year of the Dragon)
  • Wuss - A large grey-purple monkey-like creature with a dopey face. It is currently unknown in which realm this enemy used to reside.



  • The Faunus Mortas, like the rest of the epilogues was not included in Spyro Reignited Trilogy.
  • In the ending cutscene of Crush's Dungeon after defeating Crush in Ripto's Rage!, Spyro calls Ripto "a wuss" as he leaves. It is unknown whether this is just usage of the word "wuss", roughly meaning "pathetic" or "weak", or if this is also a reference to the creature.
    • In the case of the latter, the Wuss may be found in more worlds than just Avalar.
  • More extinct creatures may have possibly lived in the world, but has yet to be discovered by Basil.
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