Evil Ent, also known as Evil Life Minion,[1] is a boss in the Falling Forest level in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. He is one of three evil Life minions that Kaos summons. He is the evil, dark version of Stump Smash.

During the final battle with Kaos, the Evil Ent Minion was part of the first wave of evil Skylanders that Kaos sent out.


  • Kaos apparently hates even this minion, as stated that he hates the Tree Folk.
  • He and the Evil Imp Minion are the only evil minions that don't use their primary attacks.
  • He has Stump Smash's ability to spit out two acorns at once.
  • When fighting the Evil Ent Minion, you can see him charging up his Acorn Spit and Meganut, even though the real Stump Smash can't do that. But they do more damage.
  • He is probably the easiest minion to defeat, because he has to charge up his Meganuts & Acorn Spits, thus making him have a slow rate of fire.
  • Unlike the real Stump Smash, the Evil Ent minion doesn't use a Stumpfist attack, he only uses his acorns and meganuts. In spite of this, he will still try to come near you before attempting to attack you.
  • Although he does not have any melee attacks, he is still considered to be a Brawler by Kaos and was put on a team with the Evil Ice Yeti and the Evil Eruptor.
  • His Meganuts explode on contact with the player, while the real Stump Smash's Meganuts still last.
  • He has his own achievement called "Dodge Ball", in which you have to defeat him when at least 5 or more of his acorns are active on-screen.


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