The Evil Missile Minion is one of Kaos' evil Life minions in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure which you face in Falling Forest and later in Lair of Kaos. He is more of an evil and dark version of the Life Skylander, Zook.

In Falling Forest, he is the first of the three evil Life minions to be fought and appears again at the very end with the other Life minions. In the Lair of Kaos, he is in the third wave of evil minions along with the Dark Knight Minion and Evil Phoenix Dragon. He's empowered by Kaos after the Evil Water Dragon is destroyed. Soon after, he's also destroyed by the Skylander. Having failed Kaos three times, he is destroyed so that Kaos can power-up the Evil Pyro Archer.


  • His shrapnel lasts longer than those of the real Zook's and does more damage, but is slower and has to be charged up.
  • He is upgraded on the Floral Defender path (but only the Mortar of Life Upgrade).

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