Exhumor is a Manweersmall who is Mole-Yair's brother, first appearing in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. He seems to be the more hostile of the two brothers, as evidenced by his behavior.


Spyro met Exhumor on Munitions Forge, after his brother Mole-Yair sent him to Exhumor in hopes of finding out where the Earth Guardian Terrador was being kept. After a brief misunderstanding, Exhumor apologized and told on Spyro how to get to Terrador when he frees the last of the Manweersmalls. He also warned Spyro of the Conductor and his train: Steam before he, Mole-Yair, and his clan took refuge underground to avoid the volcanic eruption of Boyzitbig.



  • Exhumor has the same English actor (Corey Burton) as Volteer's.
  • His Italian voice was done by: Silvano Piccardi, who also did Ignitus' and Scratch's Italian dubbing voices.
  • In the credits of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, Exhumor's name is seen, but he never appears in the game at all.
    • In the concept art piece above, it is revealed that Exhumor was planned to be in The Eternal Night with him giving battle advice to Spyro in Fellmuth Arena and later rewarding him with a Dragon Relic if he was rescued.
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