The Fairy Library is a place that can be found in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs. It is one of the "lands" in which you will have to find a "Heart". However you'll first have to find parts of a machine in the other lands for the librarian before you'll obtain that heart. Furthermore, you'll run into Ripto in a chamber while he was looking for a spell book and uses that book to create a monster. After defeating it, Ripto gives you the book and you can use it to warp back to Dragon Shores from wherever you are. Also some other fairies there will give you tasks like extinguish books that where set on fire by Rhynocs or kill Rhynocs that make to much noise in the library. Also there are creatures there that are called Flutter Bugs which will carry you to different unreachable places if you warm them with Spyro's fire breath.


This is the realm you can visit in the game, which takes place within a library. Upon accessing the doorway to the foyer. The room is filled with paper scrolls pillars and filing cabient platforms which you can jump on. The flooring of the room is made for paper which some are peeled off revealing gray wooden floorboards. The floorboards are sometimes covered in blue or green open books or ink markings. As for the walls are include shelves of books which have been stacked accordingly. The Main Hall is very similar to the foyer, but this time around it has pink walkays leading into the lobby. Despite, being in a library, the platfroms are seperate by smaller islands surrounded by a dark blue river (presumbly of ink). In this level, this is where you attain the Zoe's Machine Quest. As well as obtain the ability to use Ice Breath.


Item Sparx description
Yeti Hair Climbing Rope This is a long rope, made from Yeti hair! It's very strong! We found it inside a green chest in the Fairy Library. We gave this to Bentley in return for the Heart of the Yeti Serengeti.
Hypnotic Light Organ It's a light organ! Ooo, pretty colors! It's mesmerizing! We found this inside a purple chest in the Fairy Library. We gave this to Hunter in return for the Heart of the Cheetah Spot Spa.
Ice Fairy Scroll It's a spell scroll. The writing glitters in the light. Doodles the Fairy gave this to us after we lit the Hearth in the Fairy Library. This gives you Ice Breath ability. Press SELECT to switch to it, and B button to use it.
Heart of the Fairy Library This looks like a beautifully bound book with fairy writing on it, but it doesn't open. Zoe gave it to us once we recovered the Professor's maintenance machine for her. We gave this to the Professor so he could seal the warp hole.
Kangaroo History This is a very old, very dusty book all about kangaroo history! Bubbles the Fairy gave this to us after we put out the fires YOU started in the Fairy Library! Hee hee! We gave this to Sheila in return for the Heart of the Kangaroo Hoodoos.
Ripto Action Figure This toy is a Ripto action figure! It's small and ugly, just like the real thing! We found it inside Moneybags' vault in the Fairy Library! We gave this to the dragon elder in return for the Heart of Dragon Shores.
Fairy Spell Book We can't read any of the spells in this book, but it glows with magic! We got this from Ripto in the Fairy Library after defeating a... uh... Rhynopede? This book gives you Quick Escape ability, Spyro! You can select it from the menu to return to the Dragon Shores from anywhere!
Bianca Action Figure It's a little toy that looks just like Bianca! How cute! We found this in a red chest in the Fairy Library. We gave this to the dragon elder for the Heart of Dragon Shores.


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