Fargus is the eldest of the Mystic Seekers and the father of Wendel, appearing only in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.


When Hektore enslaved the Mystic Seekers to forge the Dark Mirror, Fargus and Wendel managed to escape and waited for the arrival of the new Portal Master who would help them save the Radiant Isles. However, before Fargus could explain the details to the Portal Master, Hektore rediscovered the two Seekers. Fargus sacrificed himself to save Wendel and the new Portal Master, and was captured. Before his sacrifice, Fargus gave his duties of being the last free Seeker to Wendel.

The new Portal Master and Skylanders discovered Fargus being held captive in Galecrack Castle, but shortly after they freed him, Hektore appeared and recaptured Fargus. After Hektore and the Dark Mirror are destroyed, Fargus was freed and congraluted Wendel, giving him the status of a Seeker.

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