The Fauns are creatures that first appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. The main character, Elora, is also a faun, and there are many other female fauns in Fracture Hills and many male fauns in Magma Cone. Fauns seem to love parties, much to the annoyance of the Earthshapers.


The female fauns in Fracture Hills seem to have the attitude and lingo of modern teenage girls (in the Reignited Trilogy, this was changed to a Scottish accent like the Satyrs), and each one has a yo-yo.

The male fauns in Magma Cone also have Scottish accents (this is changed to Irish accents in Reignited), and are helpful when fighting the Earthshapers. It's likely that the fauns from Fracture Hills and Magma Cone are somehow related since they are of similar color tones. However, it's currently unknown if any of them ever visit each other.

In the original game, the Fracture Hills fauns all wore a green dress. In the Reignited Trilogy, their dresses are now a little more longer with different colours (purple for Krista, green-yellow for Lila, orange for Sheila, while Spinner retains the original green colour). The male fawns on the other hand retain their original designs.

Elora is noticeably different from both sets of Fauns, as she possesses colouring more evocative of deer than goats, and in addition, her face and upper body appear much more human-like in both structure and coloring. This could imply that all three are different breeds of species, though this has never really been confirmed.


As shown in Magma Cone, the male fauns are really strong, and were able to help Spyro destroy most of the Earthshapers in their realm. One was able to hold a heavy rock, another sent a weight ball towards an Earthshaper, and one even used a jackhammer on an Earthshaper's head! It's unknown if the females are good fighters.

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Concept art of a scrapped Faun warrior for Dawn of the Dragon

  • In Roman mythology, Fauns were said to have the body and head of a human, and the hips, legs and hooves of a goat. They are often confused with Satyrs, however Satyrs come from Greek mythology, and have the feet of a human rather than the hooves of a goat.
  • The ones in Magma Cone will stay poised to destroy the Earthshapers even if you kill them yourself with the superflame.
  • A blue faun was seen in the concept art of the Allies Gallery in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon as one of the many characters created for the game, but it never made it into the final product.
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