The Fellmuth Arena is a gladitorial arena taking place aboard the massive flying pirate ship, the Fellmuth, and is set as the third level in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night.


Spyro was taken to Fellmuth Arena by Skabb and his band of pirates to fight enemies such as the Ravage Rider, the Blundertails, and more for their cruel entertainment. After the first fight, Spyro was once again summoned by the Chronicler and regained his earth abilities. At the end of the fights, Spyro was forced to fight Cynder, but was interrupted by the arrival of Gaul's army, who took Cynder away and unwittingly created a diversion for the purple dragon to escape the Arena.

After the assault of Gaul's army, Spyro tried to find his way off the Fellmuth, and eventually reached the Skabb's captain quarters to find a map to where the White Isle was located. There, Skabb confronted Spyro, blaming him for the trouble that fell upon Fellmuth, and battled the purple dragon as revenge. Spyro emerged victorious, and Skabb fled with the help of Scratch and Sniff, with Spyro in hot pursuit.


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