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This article is about the element in the Skylanders series. You may be looking for the breath attack in the Classic series or the element from Legend series.

Fire is one of the eight elements in the Skylanders series. It is commonly associated with the color red and shades of orange closer to it, such as vermilion.


Fire is one of the most ancient sources of power in all of Skylands, even Hugo's research suggests that it existed even before written records began. Being the brightest of the elements, Fire plays an important role in helping keep the Darkness at bay. Skylanders powered by the Fire Element, such as Flameslinger and Eruptor, have proven highly effective in defending Skylands from the evil Kaos.[1]


Skylanders associated with this element manipulate of fire and lava to burn down and sear their foes. They can travel through lava unharmed, and can use furnaces as a teleporters after opening a Fire elemental gate. They can also light up dark areas in certain levels (such as Darklight Crypt) with their attacks. Their attacks can also defeat the Rotting Robbies (who can only be harmed by fire and cannons). Fire-based Skylanders stand on a pedestal made of flames when they're in their toy form.

Spyro is the only known Skylander of a different element who uses the element of Fire, due to him being  a magical purple dragon who is able to harness the power of the elements of Skylands.


Water is the natural enemy of Fire, and Fire Skylanders must be extra cautious when dealing with the Water Element, or they may find their flames well and extinguished.[2]

Fire Elemental Characters


Kaos' Fire Minions



  • Neither the Fire nor the Life element contain Series 2 Dragons.
  • This and the Air element currently have no sidekicks.


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