“Oh, I just thought I saw one of those creepy fireflies lurking about.”

Fireflies are flying insects with a sun-shaped thorax that give the dragons in the Dragon Realms their fire breathing ability. If they are not in the realms, the fire-breathing will disappear and replace it with ice-breathing, as seen in Spyro 2: Season of Flame.


Ripto, in the process of stealing power sources from all of the realms to complete his volcanic base, scattered the fireflies of the Dragon Realms across the worlds, successfully robbing the Dragons of their fire breath. One hundred in all, each and every firefly was eventually reclaimed by Spyro and returned to their home with the dragons. Their magical power was used throughout the game to open portals to other worlds or Plains with the help of Bianca.

After enough of the Fireflies were captured, the door to Ripto's volcano was activated, allowing Spyro to enter and defeat the Sorcerer. After all of the Fireflies were recovered, Spyro, Hunter, and Bianca returned to the Dragon Elder at Sunny Plains, releasing all of the Fireflies and returning the breath of flame to all dragons. In the ending credits, a few of the fireflies were shown having fallen in love with Sparx, much to the dragonfly's dismay.

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