“Trouble with the trolley, eh?”
    —Fisher the Breezebuilder

Fisher the Breezebuilder (ツカミー ・ドリー Tsukamī Dorī in Japanese) is a Breezebuilder who lives in Breeze Harbor in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. He is the caretaker of the mines.

Sidequest: Gear grab

Your main object is to collect 50 gears on the track without crashing or reaching the stop sign. Use the cannons to blow up the TNT crates and jump with X to clear the flat creates. Fisher will then give out an orb if you manage to grab them all.


  • Fisher is well known for his quote "Trouble with the trolley, eh?", which serves as an internet meme for both fans and former fans of the series.
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