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Fisticuffs is a villain character who first appeared in Skylanders Academy Season 2.



Before his full appearance, Fisticuffs was seen in a stylized flashback in Beard Science, as one of the first villains Master Eon and Snap Shot fought as part of the Skylanders. Though the wizard's beard was but a stubble, he stunned the Evilikin by tripping him.

Season 2

In The People vs. Pop Fizz, an angry Fisticuffs was rampaging inside a gym after he was denied cancelling his gym membership and discovered that the employees would keep charging his credit card on a gym he doesn't use. Team Spyro was called in to stop the wooden fiend, but was thwarted when Fisticuffs used Pop Fizz as a projectile. Before he fled, Fisticuffs stole a gym bicycle to sell it on eStuff to get his money back.

In It Techs Two, Fisticuffs and Bomb Shell took advantage of the malfunctioning portals to spread havoc throughout Skylands. They eventually teleported to Skylanders Academy where they attacked Team Spyro until they were defeated.




  • While in the games Fisticuffs' metal parts are a different color than his artwork, in the show they are accurately silver colored.


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