“Isn't flying the only way to... uh.. you know, fly? Haha.”

Flavius is a red dragon knight who appears in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. He is the character who takes you to the Dragon's Peak, and is notable for taking the Skylander through the dangerous skies of the islands.


Flavius is simple-minded, and isn't the brightest dragon, but he is extremely loyal to the Dragon King, Ramses.


Flavius was one of the dragon knights who served the Dragon King, Ramses. One day, Flavius convinced King Ramses to go flying with him, mostly to let the old dragon stretch his wings. However, while they were flying, Vathek, Ramses's evil brother, sat on the Dragon's Throne, making him king of Dragon's Peak by Dragon Law. As Vathek gained the power of the Throne, he cursed Ramses, turning his brother into stone. Flavius blamed himself for what happened and sought out for the Skylanders for help. After carrying the Skylander to Dragon's Peak, Flavius explained to the hero the events that lead to the trouble in the realm, and pleaded to the Skylander to help the Dragons save Ramses and Dragon's Peak from Vathek's rule. Afterwards, the red dragon knight took the Skylander through the islands whenever they blew the Dragon Horn, carrying them through the dangerous skies that was littered with Vathek's traps.

After the Skylander confronted Vathek and defeated his minions, the evil Undead dragon was prompted to face the Skylander himself and jumped off the Dragon's Throne to engage them in battle. Flavius then took his chance to sit on the Throne, giving him complete rule over Dragon's Peak. Using the Throne's power, Flavius turned Vathek to stone as punishment for betraying Ramses, and afterwards gave back Ramses's position as king. This action made Ramses curious since Flavius could have kept the Throne for himself, but he didn't, and the elder dragon asked why. Flavius responded that there is only one true king of Dragon's Peak, and that is Ramses himself, until the day he decides he is done with the Dragon's Throne. Moved by Flavius's loyalty, Ramses mentioned that when the day he is done with the Throne, he knows exactly who will take his place.


  • "Uh, steer us clear of these rocks, brave Skylander."
  • "Oh I can fly like this for days. In fact, I often do."
  • "Ha! Nice try, Vathek!"
  • "Look out for the rocks!"
  • "Alright, time for another flight!"
  • "Here you go, friend! Meet you at the next Dragon Horn!"
  • "Good job, Skylander! Now let's get to the next island!"
  • "This never gets old!"
  • "Uh oh, air mine coming up!"
  • "Nice shooting! We showed that air mine a thing or two!"
  • "Good work, Skylander! Vathek won't stand a chance against us!"
  • "I wish you good luck, but I know you don't need it. You are one tough Skylander!"



  • Before the release of Skylanders, and the reveal of Flavius's identity, fans thought he was a possible reinvention of the character, Flame, from the Original Spyro series. They also thought that Flavius was a possible Skylander.
    • Flavius also bears a striking resemblance to Flame, due to both having the same color scheme and having a similar name.
  • Although Flavius saved the day by turning Vathek to stone, the dragon knight performed the deed right before Vathek was about to engage the Skylander in battle, not allowing the player to battle the evil Undead dragon, which upsets some fans. If Flavius hadn't intervened, the player and their Skylander would have had the chance to battle Vathek in the console versions.
    • In the 3DS version, however, players can battle Vathek.
  • Ramses, after Flavius expressed his strong loyalty to him, mentions to Flavius that when he is done with the Dragon's Throne, he knows exactly who will take his place as King of Dragon's Peak. This could possibly mean that Ramses will crown Flavius as the next King in the future.
  • Flavius is the first non-Skylander character to be playable in Spyro's Adventure, but only in the Dragon's Peak level.
  • In the Wii version, Flavius says different dialogue before and after you've reached the end of each of his aerial flights.
    • His dialogue during the flight sessions in the Wii version also doesn't overlap very much unlike the other console versions.
  • Flavius bears resemblance to Fire Dragon, Spyro's prototype from Spyro's Kingdom.
  • Despite looking like a scalled up recolour of Spyro, Flavius has larger wings and a longer tail in comparison to his body size, sharper spikes that are not joined up, a point on his chin and a different tail end.
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