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“You wanna take a balloon ride with Skylands' greatest pilot? Of course, that'd be me.”

Flynn is one of the supporting characters who first appeared in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. He appeared in Skylanders: The Machine of Doom, and appeared later in Skylanders: Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen. He has an obvious crush on Cali.


Flynn has a very overconfident personality, especially when it comes to "the ladies". He often calls himself 'the greatest pilot in all Skylands'. He also tends to put himself in the spotlight, often taking credit for things the Skylander does. After the Skylander defeats Kaos in Spyro's Adventure, Flynn admits that the Skylander is kind of amazing, mentioning that he doesn't say that about people other than himself. After the events of Giants, Flynn announces that he would be turning over a new leaf by being more humble.

Despite his boastful attitude, he is courageous, as evident when he was held captive by Kaos in The Machine of Doom, Flynn was willing to sacrifice himself for the Skylanders to leave with an item that could give Kaos ultimate power. On some occasions, Flynn isn't the smartest person in the group, but he is very knowledgeable on flight equipment.


Skylanders: The Machine of Doom

Flynn was helping Hugo warn the Skylanders on what the both of them had seen in the Mabu Market. However, upon arriving at the Eon's island, Flynn's hot air balloon went out of control and crashlanded into Eon's garden, nearly crashing on Boomer had Spyro not saved the troll.

Boomer soon helped Flynn repair his hot air balloon, and the ballonist later assisted the Skylanders on their mission to get the Chattering Key that resided in the Forest of Fear. While the Skylanders were within the forest, Kaos captured Flynn and used him to force the Skylanders into giving the tyrant the Chattering Key in exchange for Flynn's life. Flynn told Spyro not to give the key to Kaos, as the Mabu was willing to sacrifice himself for the Skylanders' mission. The young dragon, not willing to sacrifice Flynn, gave Kaos the Chattering Key, but the tyrant soon used Flynn as a hostage to keep the Skylanders from following the evil Portal Master. Inside the Pyramid of Just Rewards, Flynn was held dangling above the flames of the chamber by Glumshanks, until he was eventually freed by Eruptor and later escaped the crumbling pyramid along with the heroes.

Skylanders: Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen

Drobot Flynn

Flynn being saved from the wreckage of his balloon by the Tech Skylander, Drobot.

Flynn was taking Hugo, Squirmgrub and Double Trouble to the Storm Titan Games to inform Master Eon of the location of the next segment to the Mask of Power. However Lightning Rod's stray hammer crashed into Flynn's air balloon, causing it to spiral out of control. The passengers, including Flynn himself, were saved from the crash by Drobot. Afterwards, Hugo informed Eon of the next fragment to the Mask of Power.

After Cali was taken by Kaos, Flynn helped the Skylanders by chasing after Kaos's Drow airship in his air balloon. The Mabu later took part in helping the Skylanders retrieve the Air segment to the Mask of Power.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Flynn helped out Hugo in seeking out the new Portal Master and the returning Skylanders on the Shattered Island. He later helped out the Skylanders in favor of taking down Kaos, and also due to Cali's involvement. The Balloonist took the heroes by transporting them to the first three different areas using his hot-air balloon in Skylands: Perilous Pastures, Sky Schooner Docks, and Stormy Stronghold. Flynn afterwards stayed in the Ruins, but would give out balloon rides to the Skylanders all the while talking about himself and other various things.

After Kaos' defeat, Flynn stood by Cali and Hugo next to a captive Kaos, and complained about the tyrant's ramblings. This attracted Cali as she finally noticed something that both she and Flynn agree on, and she complimented the balloonist that he's okay when he's saying something ridiculous, to which Flynn responded with a 'back at ya'. As Kaos was sent skywards to Earth by Hugo, Flynn remarked about how fast the teleportation was.

To see more of Flynn's involvement in the Skylanders series, go to his page on the Skylanders Wikia.


  • Flynn's role in helping the Skylanders references the Balloonists from the first game, Spyro the Dragon, who help out Classic Spyro by transporting him to different Homeworlds to progress.
  • He resembles a bobcat in appearance.
  • Flynn's humorous one-liners, combined with Patrick Waburton's excellent voice acting, makes him one of most popular side characters of the game to fans.
  • After beating Spyro's Adventure, you may ask him to go on a balloon ride again even though he would have said 'no' to the player before when the sky became the orange color. When he does this, he has slightly different comments for what the player sees.

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